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 MARCH 2013    
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New Agreement for PA Program
OCA Class of 2015 Visit
PCO Scholars Program
James Deom National AOSA President
Dr. Duane Geruschat and Artifical Retina Device

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The Salus community warmly welcomes its newest members:   


Jo Ann Jones, Physician Assistant program assistant  


The Salus University community offers sincere congratulations to the following members:    


Imran Khan, OD '02, MSc, MPH, adjunct, Public Health programs, on earning his Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the London School of Tropical Medicine.


William A. Monaco, OD, PhD, on his appointment as professor in the Public health programs. Dr. Monaco is also special assistant for Program Development for the University. 


Sondra Monroe, of The Eye Institute billing department, on her retirement (April 4). Stop by and extend your best wishes to Sondra at TEI on April 4 at 3 p.m. 


Jenna Pellicori '15AUD, on her candidacy for member-at-large for the Board of Directors of the national Student Academy of Audiology (SAA). 


Jane Scaccetti, Salus Board of Trustees member, on receiving an "Outstanding Director Award" from the
Philadelphia Business Journal.


Jasmine Singleton, who has joined the Physician Assistant program as an educational program assistant.



The Salus community offers heartfelt condolences to the following members:


Alex Anderson, MIS, on the loss of his father, Isaac.
Tangier Robinson, Pennsylvania Ear Institute, on the loss of her mother, Veronica.


The University and the Pennsylvania Ear Institute will be closed on Friday, March 29 and Monday, April 1.
The Eye Institute and its two satellite offices will be closed on Saturday, March 30.
New Jersey
Academy of Optometry's
11th Annual 
Educational Conference
in support of NJAO
Optometric Scholarships

April 24-29, 2013
Myrtle Beach, SC

For Additional Information:
New Agreement for Physician Assistant Program 
The University has entered into an articulation agreement with Western New England University (WNE). Under the joint agreement, up to four select undergraduate students who successfully complete specific core course requirements at WNE may continue their education in Physician Assistant studies at Salus in a 3+2 degree program of study. 
       Like the agreement Salus currently has with Brigham Young University Idaho, the WNE students selected for the 3+2 degree program will complete the first three years of a pre-Physician Assistant studies curriculum at WNE -  a minimum of 101 semester hours of undergraduate education, including prerequisites. Students must maintain good standing with a GPA of 3.1 or above.
      Their final two years will be completed at Salus in the Physician Assistant program. The student is awarded a bachelor's degree by WNE upon the successful completion of their first year at Salus, and a Master of Medical Science (MMS) degree is conferred by Salus at the successful conclusion of the Physician Assistant program curriculum.
OCA Class of 2015 Visits Clarke School 

OCA Class of 2015 at Clarke School for Hearing and Speech.FEB  

Members of the Osborne College of Audiology Class of 2015 visited the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech in February. The students traveled to the school's Bryn Mawr location and toured the facilities. The Clarke School provides children from birth through eighth grade who are deaf or hard of hearing with listening, learning and spoken language skills.
     During their tour, the students learned that Clarke gives the parents of their students a kit containing various tools needed by parents to fix their children's hearing aids. On their return to Elkins Park, the Salus chapter of the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) decided to approach the Clarke School administration with an offer to help fund the kits with some of the chapter's money and to help assemble the kits at the school. SAA members believe this is a great opportunity to help children with hearing loss and their families and to give back to the community at the same time. The students hope to have something in place soon.
Scholars Program To Begin Summer 2014

Dean Linda Casser recently made several important updates and announcements pertaining to the PCO Scholars Program. Designed for well-motivated and well-qualified students, the Scholars Program is a year-round, accelerated, educational pathway to the Doctor of Optometry degree.

    The program's development began in Spring 2010 and received approval from the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) in March 2011. After a series of discussions and a review involving faculty members and Salus president-designate, Dr. Michael H. Mittelman, the decision was made to launch the Scholars Program in June 2014. In January, Dr. Melissa Trego was named associate dean of the Scholars Program and Dr. Beth Tonkery was named the program's director of Clinical Education.

     An innovative program utilizing guided independent learning (GIL) to accommodate a variety of student learning styles during a maximized 36- month academic calendar, the Scholars curriculum is educationally equivalent to PCO's traditional OD degree program. Additionally, students can complement the Scholars Program with Advanced Studies courses and/or a residency program.
     Also in January, the Scholars Program Track (SPT) was launched for selected students in the PCO Class of 2016. The Scholars Program Track involves a redesign of the clinical skills laboratory experience and related professional practice activities. This educational approach is similar to the anticipated Scholars Program curriculum, yet is designed to fit within the traditional Doctor of Optometry degree program. Dr. Trego, Dr. Tonkery, and Dr. Helene Kaiser, director of the Traineeship Program and instructor of record for Clinical Skills 2 and 3, have successfully developed and implemented the Scholars Program Track, according to Dean Casser.

       The inaugural Scholars Programclass will begin in June 2014, with a commencement date of May 2017.

James Deom AOSA National President

Jimmy Deom and patient.VOSH trip Oct 2012This month James Deom, '14OD
 was installed as the 2013-2014  national president of the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA). Mr. Deom was elected by the AOSA Board of Trustees, which is comprised of two students from each school/college of optometry.
    The national AOSA president is responsible for coordinating the national liaison program at all North American Schools of optometry and serves as a board member of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. Mr. Deom is the sixth AOSA president from PCO. 
     After his installation, Mr. Deom said, "Among my personal goals for the year, I would like to increase the general awareness of optometric education and the services that optometry provides to the public by inspiring the over 6,000 optometry students at all of the schools and colleges of optometry to share their experiences with their friends, neighbors, and acquaintances."
     He also spoke of the need for legislative awareness to continue to be a primary focus "as we build on the landmark participation and financial support headlined by students at last year's Congressional Advocacy Conference."    
      Mr. Deom believes that "a strong and unified student voice will transition into a stronger more unified profession," adding that "this will continue to be our underlying purpose in all that we do this year." He is pictured above in Haiti with a young patient from a 2012 VOSH (Volunteers in Optometric Service to Humanity) humanitarian trip.     
CER's Dr. Duane Geruschat Consults on Artificial Retina Device
Dr. Duane Geruschat.March Ryan Chia Dr. Duane Geruschat, assistant professor in the College of Education and Rehabilitation, was a consultant on the recently unveiled Argus II project, the first FDA approved artificial retina device. The device, invented by Second Sight Medical Products of California,  is intended to replace the function of light-sensing cells in the retina destroyed by retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disease that affects about 100,000 Americans. 
       For this project, Dr. Geruschat's role was to
lead the development of a functional assessment of performance called the FLORA (Functional Low-Vision Observer Rated Assessment), to develop an instructional curriculum that can be implemented with the patients who receive the Argus II, and to develop an online continuing education program for low vision therapists and orientation and mobility instructors who will be implementing the curriculum as providers of the direct services. 
May 3 - 5
Please join your classmates and faculty for laughter, memories, renewing old friendships and CE!