Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.November 2013
Gain, Offset, Bad Pixel (GOBP) Video Now On
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Santa Barbara Infrared presents the next video in our series on infrared testing.  This video will focus on bad pixel analysis of a sensor array.  There is no standardized term for this testing, so we refer to it as "Gain, Offset, Bad Pixel" testing or (GOBP) for short.  This test is performed to identify bad pixels in an array and determine whether the number of bad pixels and groupings are acceptable.  



There are four performance parameters we use to determine if a pixel is bad and they include: gain, offset, noise and blinking.  Each of these will be discussed as well as common specifications for determining pass/fail criteria.  

The video concludes by discussing typical uses of gain, offset, bad pixel analysis.

As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated.  Feel free to send us an email with topics that you think would be of value to the electro-optics community.

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