July 2013
Radiometric Testing Video Now Available on
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This is part 1 of 2 of an in-depth discussion on radiometric infrared (IR) testing presented by Santa Barbara Infrared Inc.  In this introductory video we will discuss radiometry and radiometric testing.  Because this topic is so dense, we have attempted to break it into 2 meaningful sections to allow a better understanding of the subject matter.  

The first segment focuses on providing key terms and concepts so that as we move forward you will understand the discussion in more detail.  For instance if the topic is about noise equivalent flux density and spectral dependencies you'll at least understand what each of these terms mean, although you may have to go and do some further research on the details of the formulas.

We will finish part 1 by covering key concepts including radiant energy propagation, conservation of energy, radiant energy generation, thermal equilibrium, opaque objects, spectral dependencies, radiant exitance, irradiance (flux density) and radiance.


As always, feedback and comments are appreciated. Thanks for watching and enjoy!


Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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