February 2013
Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Video Now Available on

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In this video we will focus on MTF (Modulation Transfer Function).  We will discuss why we perform the test, how to set up the test and how to analyze the results of the test. 

We perform MTF to determine how well we can see small objects with the UUT (unit under test).  When we discuss "size" in relation to an MTF measurement, we are discussing the angular subtense of the object being viewed.  In other words, a 6 foot person who is closer to the UUT will appear larger than a large building that is at a further distance than the 6 foot person.  

To perform the test you need 1) an edge target, 2) a blackbody source, 3) a target wheel  4)a collimator and 5) automated test software.   SBIR's automated test software utilizes ISO standard 12233 for testing MTF.  

MTF measures the resolution of a camera, often referred to as the frequency response.  It can be used to determine the quality of focus of the camera, and as feedback for setting the focus on a camera. It can also be used as a pass/fail criterion, and as a way for comparing individual cameras within a model line. It can also be used to compare camera models in order to select a camera for a specific application.


As always, feedback and comments are appreciated. Thanks for watching and enjoy!


Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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