July 2012
 Signal Transfer Function (SiTF) Theory & Methodology Video



SBIR is excited to announce the release of the second in a series of videos that focus on infrared testing and methodologies for performing sensor characterization and analysis.

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This second video in the SBIR Video Series titled "Infrared Testing" covers Signal Transfer Function (SiTF), a very common and necessary sensor test.


SiTF is a measure of a sensor's response or signal change with respect to an object's temperature/brightness. It is important to perform SiTF, as this sensitivity measurement is required to perform other meaningful follow-on tests like NETD and MTF. What we are interested in with the SiTF result is the linear region of the S-curve, as this defines the active response region of the sensor being tested.


This video will discuss these topics while also explaining the basic steps and required hardware to set up the Signal Transfer Function (SiTF) test.


As always, feedback and comments are appreciated. Thanks for watching and enjoy!



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