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Automated IR Focal Plane Array Test System Now Offered by SBIR


  • Accommodates up to 9 FPAs per test cycle
  • Full characterization and calibration from -60�C to 125�C
  • Fast thermal cycling for reduced test times
  • Automated testing and results
     generated via IRWindowsTM4  test software  

SBIR's Focal Plane Array (FPA) test system is a fully integrated system designed to automatically characterize, test and calibrate IR FPAs. It consists of an IR scene blackbody, a custom engineered temperature controlled FPA holder with control electronics, a dry test chamber and an IRWindowsTM4 PC system.


The test system can accommodate up to nine FPAs at once with IRWindowsTM4 performing all necessary tests to fully verify and qualify each of the FPAs. When all FPAs are confirmed and tested IRWindows stores all test data in a database, prepares a test report for each FPA and notifies the user when the system is safe to open to start testing a new lot.



Focal Plane Array Tester