Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.October 2011
About Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.
SBIR's focus is on providing well engineered, cost effective hardware and software solutions to the E-O community.  Our extensive design capabilities cover the spectrum of infrared, laser, visible and dynamic scene projection applications. 

SBIR's proven systems engineering expertise combined with a practical, design-for-manufacturing approach results in production and custom instrumentation for the most discerning customers. 

Our goal is to design, produce and deliver the highest quality products that meet or exceed your expectations.  Contact us today to see how we can help!
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Phone: (805) 965-3669

30 S. Calle Cesar Chavez,Ste.D
Santa Barbara,
California 93103


SBIR Ships IR Camera Production Test Bench

  • Capable of validating cameras in 30 seconds
  • Fully automated with IRWindows 4
  • Results exported to enterprise data base
  • Repeatable and accurate test results

SBIR is pleased to announce the recent completion of a fully automated, turnkey system for high rate IR camera testing with a throughput on one camera every 30 seconds. The test system is capable of performing all standard performance metrics tests as well as a mechanical focus adjustment automatically. The system is controlled via SBIR's IRWindows 4 software which automates the setup, execution, data collection and results analysis to determine whether a camera passes or fails--all of which is done in 30 seconds.  


Production Line Testing Station