Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.July 2010
New Service Process Equates to Faster Turnaround Time!

Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. is not only dedicated to designing, producing and delivering the highest quality products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations, but  also to maintaining the highest level of customer support and satisfaction attainable. 

With these goals in mind, SBIR recently implemented a new and improved service process that reduces turnaround times for calibrations and periodic maintenance.  I
n order to achieve this, the repairs department was restructured from the ground up and the flow of repairs now goes through different internal channels. 

For assistance with a future serviceable system please contact Keith Koski at [email protected] or Paul Koehler at [email protected]

SBIR Participated in the 43rd Annual UCSB IR Detector & System Applications 5-day Short Course

This year's short course was one of the largest groups to attend the annual open house held at our facility on Thursday evening, June 17th.  35 participants came to both the tour of our facility and the discussion led by Alan Irwin, who presented an overview on sensor testing with detailed explanations of some of the common sensor characterization tests including: SiTF, MTF, MRTD, Boresight and many more.  Numerous questions were brought up related to these tests and participants left with a better understanding of IR camera characterization.

If you are interested in attending next years IR Detector & System Applications course please save the following link to your bookmarks and mark your calendar for next June!
IRWindows Version 4 Training Courses Available Now!
SBIR is now offering periodic IRWindows™ 2-day short-courses where customers will have the opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of the latest version of our automated test software.  Below is a brief overview of the 2-day course:  
Topics covered will include:
  • Overview of sensor testing
  • What is IRWindows™?
  • Defining the 3 modes of operation within IRWindows™
  • How is IRWindows™ used to perform UUT tests?
  • How do you configure, run, document and release a TPS?
  • How can IRWindows™ be a fully embedded test platform?
  • Hands on lab time running a test configuration and analyzing the results using an IR camera and IRWindows™
  • And much more! 
If you are interested in attending one of these courses please contact the SBIR sales staff at (805) 965-3669.  We look forward to your visit and the opportunity to demonstrate how beneficial the latest version of IRWindows™ automated test software is!  

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