New Product Announcement-Common EO 

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Common E-O is an easy to use, modular test set designed to support first tier maintenance of man-portable electro-optical non-lethal sights/scopes.  The test set is user friendly and ideal for rapid assessment of system health and operational status.  Common E-O is integrated with the DME VIPER/T and the SBIR IRWindows4 test automation software to provide accurate and consistent test results.  The system can be easily expanded to support testing of laser systems.

  • Automated Visible/NIR/IR Sensor Test Set   
  • Compact, Portable and Rugged  
  • First Tier Maintenance Support  
  • Fully Integrated Hardware and Software  
  • Easy To Use Go/No-Go Software
  • IRWindows4 TPS Development Environment

Currently Supported UUTs Include:

IR SYSTEMS                        VISIBLE/NIR SYSTEMS

AN/PAS-27, IWNS-T             AN/PVS-24A, IWNS-12

AN/PAS-13C                         AN/PVS-17B
AN/PAS-13D                         AN/PVS-17C
AN/PAS-22, LRTI                  AN/PEQ-16A
AN/PAS-25, TLSI                  OTHER UUTs EASILY ADDED!

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About the Company:


Santa Barbara Infrared was founded in 1989 and designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced Electro-Optic Test Equipment available worldwide.  SBIR is the leading supplier of standard and custom instrumentation for FLIR testing, IR detector testing, IR simulation and testing-sensor boresighting.


Standard advanced technology products include state-of-the-art blackbody sources, integrating spheres, laser sources, target wheels, targets, collimators, target projectors, IR scene simulators, detector test benches and FLIR automated test software.