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SBIR has been developing the latest version of its' automated test software called IRWindows™4.


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The most significant features that differentiate IRWindows™4 from previous versions are:


1)  UUT Centered Development

2)  Editable Tests
3)  Wizards and Templates


There are also several features that are significant evolutions to its' existing functionality including:


1)  Embeddable Operation 

      (NI Test Stand Compatibility )
2)  Net-Centric Data 


New SBIR Website Coming!!!
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Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new website at
Our staff has been working hard to create a completely redesigned, more intuitive website for our users. 
The site will contain an update to our entire product line including SBIR's new Infinity blackbodies, visible sources and target projector systems as well as highlight some of our newest laser test capabilities. 
Our MIRAGE product family will also be updated to include recent array developments for our dynamic scene simulation systems.   
Register Now for the 42nd Annual IR Detector & System Applications 5-day Short Course

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For the past 42 years, the University of California at Santa Barbara has offered the Infrared Detector and System Applications Course.  This is a one week short course in their post graduate extension program.  This has been a very successful short course program, each year attracting a large number of participants from the military, aerospace, contractors, scientific and commercial IR communities.  Santa Barbara Infrared has participated in this program for many years, providing an exhibit of test equipment during their lab session on testing.  Later in the evening SBIR hosts an off-site demonstration of live testing of infrared cameras where guests are welcomed to a more casual environment to enjoy some cold drinks and food while learning about our leading edge, state of the art test capabilities. 
When: June 15-19, 2009
Where: University of California, Santa Barbara
Visit: for course details and logistics.  The early registration date has closed so those interested in enrolling will be subject to a $100 late fee. 
If you do plan on attending the course, please leave Thursday evening open for a visit to our facility for food, drinks and a live demonstration of EO testing.  We look forward to seeing you!



The Multi-Spectral Source (patent pending) is an integrating sphere based output source with integral extended area blackody and pulsed laser sources (1.06 �m, 1.57 �m) that is used for simultaneous boresight and image resolution testing.  The laser sources synchronize with adjustable delay for range-gated camera testing.  
The MSS system is designed to support testing of gated cameras that are integrated into a multisensor package.  The MSS combines both an infrared and laser source, allowing the gated camera to be boresighted with an IR sensor.  In addition, the MSS serves as a uniform backlight for a variety of resolution targets. 
  • Integrated blackbody source providing IR output controllable in both absolute mode (10�C to 60�C) and differential mode (-15�C to +35C� ΔT)
  • Synchronized pulsed laser for precision range testing of gated cameras.
  • Simulated range adjustable from 100 to 100,000 meters
  • Pulse width adjustable from 20 to 500 ns
  • Output pulse radiant energy adjustable from 0.4 to 85 nJ/cm2/sr
  • Pulse repetition  rate in free run mode of 1 to 1000 Hz

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