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SBIR's focus is on providing well engineered, cost effective hardware and software solutions to the E-O community.  Our extensive design capabilities cover the spectrum of infrared, laser, visible and dynamic scene projection applications.  SBIR's proven systems engineering expertise combined with a practical, design-for-manufacturing approach results in production and custom instrumentation for the most discerning customers.  Our goal is to design, produce and deliver the highest quality products that meet or exceed your expectations.  Contact us today to see how we can help!
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Over the next few months keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new developments on our website.  We're redesigning it from top to bottom giving it a fresh new look and updating all of our product pages to include recent developments in our EO test capabilities.  
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SPIE 2009 Overview

Dear  , 
Another successful SPIE tradeshow has come and gone leaving the military and defense community with plenty to look forward to in the years to come.
SBIR was involved in numerous sessions including the following paper presentations:
  1. Performance data from the Mirage HD infrared scene projector system with 1536x768 wide-format resistive array
  2. Rise-time enhancement techniques for resistive array infrared scene projectors
  3. Improving MTF measurements of undersampled optical systemsAlong with our participation in the above-mentioned sessions, SBIR also displayed a new booth design that  allowed us to exhibit more of our products via LCD television displays.  

View the papers by visiting our website at

Along with our participation in the above-mentioned sessions, SBIR also displayed a new booth design that allowed us to exhibit more of our products via LCD television displays. 
Alt View SPIE Booth 2009

42nd Annual IR Detector & System Applications 5-day Short Course
For the past 42 years, the University of California at Santa Barbara has offered the Infrared Detector and System Applications Course.  This is a one week short course in their post graduate extension program.  This has been a very successful short course program, each year attracting a large number of participants from the military, aerospace, contractors, scientific and commercial IR communities.  Santa Barbara Infrared has participated in this program for many years, providing an exhibit of test equipment during their lab session on testing.  Later in the evening SBIR hosts an off-site demonstration of live testing of infrared cameras where guests are welcomed to a more casual environment to enjoy some cold drinks and food while learning about our test capabilities. 
Visit: for course details and logistics.  If you do plan on attending the course, please leave Thursday evening open for a visit to our facility for food, drinks and a demonstration of camera testing.
Cassiopeia A