SBIR at SPIE 2008
Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. March 2009
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Santa Barbara, California 93103
Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.
About Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.
Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced infrared and electro-optical test instrumentation available.  SBIR's broad line of innovative products support testing of military and commercial sensor systems and are used world wide in laboratory, production, depot and field test applications. 
Our extensive design capabilities cover the spectrum of infrared, laser, visible and dynamic scene projection applications.
SBIR's focus is on providing highly integrated, well engineered, cost effective hardware and software solutions to the E-O community and is the preferred supplier to the major domestic and international manufacturers of commercial and military E-O sensors and systems.   

SBIR invites you to visit our display (Booth # 811) during this years SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing Conference at the Marriott Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Fl.  We will be displaying a number of our standard products including those from our new Infinity line, live demonstrations of camera testing, and our VEO-2 field portable E-O automated test system.
We also hope to see you at many of the different sessions throughout the week.  To see a list of the activities that SBIR is involved in please continue reading below.

SBIR Conference Schedule

1.  Date: Monday, April 13th
Time: 2:10 to 4:40 pm
Session 5: IR Projectors 
Topic:  Performance data from the Mirage HD infrared scene projector system with 1536x768 wide-format resistive array
2.  Date: Monday, April 13th
Time: 4:40 to 5:40 pm 
Session 6: Projector Calibration
Topic:  Rise-time enhancement techniques for resistive array infrared scene projectors
3.  Date: Monday, April 13th 
Time: 5:00 to 8:00 pm 

Topic: Vendor Presentations & Reception 
Features brief presentations from hardware and software vendors on what is new this year in their product lines and how they impact
4.   Date: Thursday, April 16th
Time: 8:00 to 10:00 am
Session 7: Systems and Testing I

Topic: Improving MTF measurements of undersampled optical systems