For the past 41 years, the University of California at Santa Barbara has offered the Infrared Detector and System Applications Course.  This is a one week short course in their post graduate extension program.  This has been a very successful short course program, each year attracting a large number of participants from the military, aerospace, contractors, scientific and commercial IR communities.  Santa Barbara Infrared has participated in this program for many years providing an exhibit of test equipment during their lab session on testing and hosting an off-site evening demonstration of live testing of infrared cameras at SBIR. 
Visit: for course details and logistics.  If you do plan on attending the course, please leave Thursday evening open for a visit to our facility for food, drinks and a demonstration of camera testing.

Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.
Course Dates:
June 16th thru June 20th, 2008
University of California, Santa Barbara