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SBIR Releases New Infinity Blackbody Design

Infinity Blackbody

Santa Barbara Infrared's Infinity Series of Differential Blackbodies are designed to support the most critical testing requirements. The Infinity blackbodies offer the best performance available. Fast, stable, uniform, accurate and reliable, these blackbody systems provide performance enhancements and features that set them apart from previously available systems. They are designed for use as flood sources for non-uniformity correction, calibration, etc., and as differential sources for MRT, MTF, SiTF and other standard IR sensor characterization tests.
New features include:
  • the Intelli-Probe (i-PROBE) is an intelligent temperature sensor that is calibrated independently of the blackbody system.  The i-PROBE is calibrated to an accuracy of under 0.010�C. To re-calibrate the system you need only exchange the probe with a recently calibrated one. No special equipment is required and there is no down time in the test area.
  • A surface treatment is used to create a spectrally flat emissivity of greater than .985 �.015 for 2� to 14�.
  • The Infinity controller features a touch screen that is easy to use and adaptable to each users particular test procedures.  The controller also operates all of the SBIR peripherals including target wheels, filter wheels, shutters, motion stages, and  visible illuminators.    
Steve McHugh Invited Aboard USS Lincoln as Distinguished Visitor
C2 Aircraft Carrier

SBIR's President and Chief Technical Officer-Steve McHugh-was recently honored with an invitation from 4-star Admiral Hank Mauz to spend 2 days on board the

USS Abraham Lincoln as a Distinguished Visitor from Aug. 3rd-4th.  The tour began with an adrenaline-filled hook landing aboard a C-2 (COD) Greyhound off the Pacific coast near Ensanada, Mexico.  During the two days on the USS Lincoln, Steve participated in guided tours of the aircraft carrier where he had the opportunity to go down into the maintenance facility and see firsthand the two EO-CASS test stations SBIR designed and manufactured with Northrop Grumman.  EO-CASS is used to test and EO-CASS on USS Lincolnsupport various optical, electrical, and mechanical sub-assemblies used in electro-optical weapons systems utilized by the US Navy.  EO-CASS has been operational since 1990.

The most stirring moment came when Steve watched the night operations from the Admirals fly bridge.  "It was organized chaos with some 150 crew members on deck, and 50 planes! 10 of those moving at any given time, either taking off via a catapult shot or coming in through a hook landing.  It was one of the most impressive scenes I've ever witnessed."  


On Friday evening, Steve also dined with Command Master Chief Eric M. Schmidt, Captain Tom Nosenzo and other Distinguished Visitors on board.  Upon his return to SBIR Steve was quoted as saying, "I felt an unbelievable sense of patriotism as I looked about the deck at these young men and women, so focused on their jobs as they helped serve and protect our country." 

In This Issue
New Blackbody Design Released
Steve McHugh Invited Aboard USS Lincoln
MPETS Developed for U.S. Navy
MPETS Developed for U.S. Navy
The Man Portable Electro-optical Test System has been developed in support of the U.S. Navy's next generation of E-O Automatic Test Equipment.  This state-of-the-art E-O Test system will be capable of testing FLIRs, TVs, Laser Designators, Laser Rangefinders and DVOs in multiple environments from factory to field.
Features include:

Modular configuration for ease of setup and flexibility of use

Flexible programmable module interface "Kinematic Universal Test Interface" (KUTI)

Minimal external cabling

Collimator movement used to change target line of sight relative to UUT

Embedded diagnostics with enhanced sub asset modularity

"C-2 (COD) Greyhound used to transport Distinguished Visitors."
"Two Navy crew members working on an F-18 FLIR.  EO-CASS visible in background."

We look forward to being your primary vendor for E-O test components and will continue to produce and deliver the highest quality products that meet or exceed your expectations. 

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