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 January 18, 2013

* Pre-Order Generationals Heza CD/LP/Cassette/T-Shirt 


  • Generationals joins the Polyvinyl family! 
  • New full-length Heza in stores April 2. 
  • Mailorder exclusive neon red vinyl limited to 500.
  • Clear cassette limited to 100.
  • Bundles available with new t-shirt design.     
  • Pre-order here.          

* Sonny Smith 100 Records: Vols. 1 - 3
  • In 2010, Sonny Smith (Sonny & the Sunsets) took on the ambitious task of writing 100 songs for 100 fictional bands.  
  • Vol. 3 (the final installment of songs from this project to be released) is now available on limited edition white vinyl. 
  • Volumes. 1-3 now available on limited edition cassette.     
  • All albums include INSTANT full-album MP3 download at checkout.
  • Order here.  

* Stream Shugo Tokumaru In Focus? on Under the Radar 

  • Listen to In Focus? here.
  • Clear vinyl limited to 1000 copies.
  • Includes INSTANT MP3 album download at checkout.
  • Order here

Pre-Order Generationals Heza CD/LP/Cassette/T-Shirt+MP3

Generationals - Heza

We're excited to announce that Generationals has joined the Polyvinyl family!

And we're thrilled to be releasing their brand new full-length Heza.

The songs on Heza show restraint, with the hooks developing in the spaces between sounds and an attention to rhythms and textures revealing a more patient band willing to dig for deeper gems than in their previous work.

Generationals - Spinoza

Listen to first single "Spinoza" here.

Pre-order the album now in a variety of formats: 
  • CD
  • Mailorder exclusive neon red vinyl (limited to 500)
  • Clear cassette (limited to 100)
  • "Heza" T-Shirt+MP3
  • Bundles featuring CD or LP with "Heza" t-shirt (see below)  

Pre-orders ship March 22. In stores April 2. 


Generationals Heza CD / Ltd. Edition Neon Red LP / Clear Cassette / T-Shirt+MP3   

Generationals Heza CD/LP+T-Shirt Bundles

To celebrate the release of Heza we've created bundles featuring:
  • Heza CD + "Heza" T-Shirt
  • Heza limited edition Neon Red LP + "Heza" T-Shirt
Generationals Heza CD/LP+T-Shirt Bundles

Also From Generationals:

Sonny Smith 100 Records: Volumes 1-3

Sonny Smith - 100 Records: Vol. 1 Sonny Smith - 100 Records: Vol. 2 Sonny Smith - 100 Records: Vol. 3

In 2010, Sonny Smith (Sonny & The Sunsets) conceived the incredibly ambitious task of creating 100 fictional bands and writing songs for them.

Smith invented band names and song titles, invited artists to design album art for each, then spent the next year recording singles for each of his 100 imaginary bands.

Sonny Smith - 100 Records: Vol. 3

100 Records: Vol. 3
, the third (and final) installment to be officially released from the project, is now available on limited edition white vinyl for the first time.

Limited edition cassettes for Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3 are available individually as well as in a package deal (save $5!).

All orders include an INSTANT full-album MP3 download at checkout. 

Now shipping from our E-Store. Vol. 3 white vinyl in stores Jan. 29.

Sonny Smith 100 Records: Volumes 1-3 

Listen to Shugo Tokumaru In Focus? on Under the Radar

Shugo Tokumaru - In Focus?  
Japanese pop experimentalist Shugo Tokumaru is releasing his brand new full-length In Focus? on Tuesday, but you can stream the entire album now on Under the Radar!

Listen to the album (which UTR calls "a whimsical Flaming Lips-meets-Sufjan Stevens trip through the mind of one of the finest producers of psych pop") here.

And afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of the clear vinyl (limited to 1000) and receive an INSTANT full-album MP3 download at checkout.
Orders are shipping now from our E-Store. In stores Jan. 22
Please note: this album is not available to ship to Asia.
Shugo Tokumaru In Focus? CD / Ltd. Edition Clear LP

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