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Happy Holidays from the entire TMY Family.


Before 2012 comes to an end, below are a few last words from the people who brought you (last October) the Asian Zen hotdog, Aebleskivers, Paella, Fancy Dancers, the Corrido Contest, Lowrider cars, social justice quilts, Yaqui ceremonial dances, Kidlore, and Trinidadian Carnival.....(and that's just the tip of the iceberg).  

We also offered in May/June 2012 the first Folklore Ethnographic Field School -- our way of sharing with others what "folklore" work is all about and how anyone can learn the skills to be an effective "cultural reporter."  (ah, yes...and we brought "Ask a Mexican"  author Gustavo Arellano to town for a talk last April and partnered with Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation to bring the AIDS WALK downtown).

In 2013 TMY will celebrate 40 years. Before we start revealing some of the exciting plans underway to mark this benchmark, this edition of BorderLore offers a few stories to delight your senses:
  • A newly-opened Mexican folk art store in Tucson, Arte de la Vida, run by a couple of expatriates from Maricopa County, is generating tremendous excitement among collectors of vintage Mexican Folk Arts in our city. Before you make that last run to the mall for yet another pair of socks for Uncle Bob or travel sized-hand lotion for Aunty Marge's stocking, you owe it to yourself to stop by this gem of a local business. Read more here.  
  • It is that time of year once again when the forces of good and evil battle it out to for the souls of  humble folks. There is no doubt that "La Pastorela"  has become one of the most enduring traditions in Latin America, Mexico, and anywhere that these borderlands extend. Chances are that wherever you may find yourself reading this at this moment, there is a Pastorela taking place somewhere near you.  DO NOT MISS IT. This week (Thursday 7:30pm) TMY Program Director and UA Folklorist Dr. Maribel Alvarez will share insights about the history of The Shepherd's Play after the preview show of Tucson's Pastorela by Borderlands Theater. Read more.    
  • Food and Love. The two have been connected through the ages. Our speech is sprinkled with phrases about seduction, satisfaction, longing, indulgence, moderation that often implicate both basic human needs: affection and nourishment. Jose Serrano, a student in Dr. Maribel Alvarez's folklore course "Food Narratives" this fall has produced a beautiful video honoring his "Grandma's Gorditas." Watch it here.  
  • If you were lucky to visit the Russian food booth at TMY's festival this year, you know that the borscht and pelmeni served were delicious. New cultural entrepreneurs keep coming to Tucson and they carry with them the enduring recipes of homemade cooking. Now the same TMY Russian food can be taste year-round at the new Kalina Russian Restaurant. Read more here.    
  • Tucson Meet Your.....Birds? OK. Let us explain. TMY is partnering with the Tucson Audubon Society  to launch a series of articles in their magazine and community activities in 2013 about the importance and unique "lore" of birds in our region. Did you know that the now named Audubon magazine was originally founded in 1899 under the name "Bird-Lore"? Learn more about the "Tucson Meet Your Birds" educational campaign here.  

Friends, we wish each and every one of you a safe holiday season and many blessings for you and your loved ones.  


2012, Tucson Meet Yourself. All rights reserved. BorderLore is the monthly e-news magazine of Tucson Meet Yourself, bringing thoughtful documentation about regional folklore, folklife and all manners of artful ways (in language, food, dress, music, decoration, storytelling, history) that residents of these often-conflicted border lands produce and share.


Editor:  Dr. Maribel Alvarez  

Staff this issue:  Priscilla Mendenhall and Alice Whittenburg  



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Previous issues of BorderLore Newsletter are archived here and here. 

Thank you for reading Tucson Meet Yourself BorderLore Newsletter
Thank you for reading Tucson Meet Yourself BorderLore Newsletter
Thank you for reading Tucson Meet Yourself BorderLore Newsletter
Thank you for reading Tucson Meet Yourself BorderLore Newsletter
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