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March 27th, 2016


Wow! Some really cool things are coming down the pike! Be sure to stay tuned to these newsletters. I also have started a whole slew of dealer recruiting efforts. It's my hope and intention that you repeat for your businesses too. I am actively working to get dealers in surrounding cities about 60 miles from me to start a strong network of supply and advertising. See the videos at the bottom of this newsletter and the on screen ones to come.  

50% and 100% Shipping Rebate Offer!

As summer is rapidly approaching, (I know for some of you it's already here) I have a special deal to help you with your stocking order. Similar to my ongoing shipping rebate offer, between now and the end of May I am offering a 50% rebate on any order that is made up of six cases or more and available up to two times during this period. And 100% shipping rebate on any order that is shipped freight collect (non-AMSOIL arranged shipment). Basically any order 10 or more cases you get a much better rate when you call and establish an account with a private carrier or shipping company who services the area of the warehouse and your own address. For doing so I will rebate your shipping 100% and up to two times. Generally a 300 to 3000 pound pallet should cost about $95!! 

*Note: AMSOIL is offering a 5 percent product rebate from May 23-May 29, 2016 to Dealers who have paid to join AU Online and have completed at least one enrollment. If you completed an enrollment during the AU Online free trial period, you only need to join AU Online to become eligible for the rebate. The rebate will automatically apply to all orders placed by qualified Dealers from May 23-May 29. - So that would be a perfect time to place an order that would also qualify for my shipping rebate deal.
That's a 5% rebate on your order in addition to any possible purchase discounts which add an additional 2% to 10% per the dealer ordering sheet - G2604

Awesome PC Lure

Even before this announcement my Preferred Customer sales for the past 12 months have been in the green. (Dealer Dashboard) So as of now I have a total of $159,000 for PC 12 month sales.  I'll ask again, was taking the time to learn to build the Wordpress site and blogging worth it?
The PC activity has actually surpassed the Dealer activity only because I have been concentrating on new pages, product blogs and a LOT of thank you letters (electronic) as well as a PC newsletter and offers to re-establish old PC's. So when a PC calls me for ordering or advice, I think the average order is $240. (Average online order is much less than that.)

That said, in case you missed the Hotwire article about the enhancements to the PC program, or it being posted on my Dealer Training Facebook Page, here it is. Taking the effort to lock in your retail customers as PC's or building your website to secure them from all the areas void of dealers will indeed add to your monthly income. I estimate these enhancements are worth at least a 10% increase in commissions not to mention further downline and prospect growth.

AMSOIL Preferred Customers will continue paying wholesale price for AMSOIL products, a savings of up to 25 percent, while also receiving these additional benefits:
  • Exclusive promotions for reduced freight costs
  • Exclusive product-specific promotions
  • Randomly selected P.C.s receive free gear when they place an order
  • P.C.s now earn points on all purchases. Every 50 points is redeemable for $1 off a future order.
  • P.C.s earn 500 bonus points for referring new P.C.s or Dealers to AMSOIL
The new P.C. Program provides existing P.C.s more satisfaction from the program they already love, and more reasons to remain AMSOIL Preferred Customers. It also provides Dealers with a better tool for registering new P.C.s and added commissions from sales to new P.C.s that their current P.C.s introduce to AMSOIL. The qualification bonus that would typically go to a Dealer for registering a new P.C. is paid to referring P.C.s in the form of 500 bonus points to be used on future purchases, on which the sponsoring Dealer will then earn additional commissions. This essentially turns your P.C.s into recruiters of new customers, much like the Dealers on your sales team.

Power Foam Sales Increase

Power Foam
When I opened the Omaha store this was one of the early sellers but here in Sioux Falls I never really sold much. Now that has changed. Not only is it selling more frequently, I am hearing a lot of praise when they come to the counter  to pay for it. Generally needed on tired cars, vehicles which idle often or just to cure pre-detonation. Actually small engines need it the most and that Harley rider who likes to blip the throttle all the time which is hard on the upper end.
Best to suggest it at the time of an oil change as it's possible contaminants from the Power Foam could work their way through worn rings. 

Unfortunately I don't remember the exact testimonials other than the customer is really happy with the results. 

AMSOL Miracle Wash

I have a LOT of customers who but only Miracle Wash. And they really REALLY love it. One stops in from Canada and buys two cases at a time. 

Oddly I get a lot of people who bought it for RVs but I've heard probably over 100 uses for it over the years. The greatest thing is it lifts the dirt to prevent scratching and a good microfiber towel enhances the process. I've used it on cars that have set for many years. It's so handy when you are out on the road. Product Code AMWSC-ea.

Beads up water nicely in rain

AMSOIL Golden Key Program

As an incentive-qualified* Premier Direct Jobber or higher, you can earn money to help cover the costs of your vehicle provided it displays AMSOIL graphics installed through the AMSOIL Vehicle Graphics Program.

Depending on your status, you can earn 7 percent to 13 percent on your new Dealers' new business for the first year they are in business. In other words, training and motivating your new Dealers to sell increases the amount of money you receive each month that can be applied to paying for your vehicle. The more productive you and your new Dealers are, the more you earn for your vehicle. This is in addition to the money you make through the marketing plan from personal group sales, so it's every bit as good as extra cash. Active Direct Jobbers can earn up to $500 per month in the program..

So I just bought a Ford Transit Connect with the 1.6 EcoBoost and retired the 1983 Eagle. This way I can service accounts, dealers outside of the area and reduce freight and liftgate service charges to the Omaha store. If you work hard enough it serves as a free advertisement for your business. When I get it decal'ed up I will add more pictures. Empty this van gets up to 30MPG! I already made a 900 pound delivery and got 23 MPG on that 180 mile trip. 

From "First In Synthetics" to "Automotive Enthusiast"


Auto Enthusiasts are AMSOIL's main customer base
Auto Enthusiasts are AMSOIL's main customer base

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