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March 15th, 2016


Performance Selling Performance

I recently lost a dealer from the Minneapolis area. Unfortunately he fell under the radar and never contacted me about his issues. My suggestions not only would have saved his dealership but quadruple his sales.

Quite simply he was not prepared for the number of calls and customers needing product. We published his name on my site and in the google listings thus he received a fair amount of calls. Then the problems quite typical all around the country. He didn't know what to inventory so as customers need things, they had to be ordered almost every time. This creates an issue where the customer will keep looking although they agreed to wait then he got stuck with the shipping costs.  He lost a lot of money shipping things back.

The AMSOIL business should be taken more seriously. He was in the city with the most AMSOIL notoriety yet very few stocking or reliable dealers. It should be expected when getting in a business like this to have at least a $2400 inventory. This doesn't mean you have to and not everyone can do this but to seriously be ready for demand in most populated areas it is key. Obviously you need an advertising plan in place.

This basic inventory not only would prevent the loss of a handful of customers, but their satisfaction spreads by word of mouth to dozens of others not to mention their own needs. It also reduces significant stress saving time on ordering and reduces the costs of shipping significantly.

Advantages of increased or minimum suggested inventory
  • Better customer retention
  • Significant add-on sales. Hardly a customer walks out with oil alone. Local inventories will sell more fuel additives, flush, grease, small engine oils and other products which connect with the core purchase.
  • Higher commissions - major step to becoming a Direct Jobber - the primary goal for every dealer.
  • Retail and Commercial account s are encouraged to use AMSOIL as their products are on hand.
  • Lower freight rates - set yourself a minimum re-stocking order. Eventually use freight collect which costs me about $1.42 per case on the load.
  • Encourages the dealer to step up marketing strategies.
  • Encourages downline dealers to sell more as you can keep them better supplied.
  • Even dealers with an AMSOIL DC in the area thrive because other dealers use the warehouse to be their impromptu supply but that equation fails when you are the rare stocking dealer in the area. Customers will migrate to the dealer who has it now and can help after hours and weekends.

So I suggest you carefully examine the below minimum dealer inventory spreadsheet I made and also re-read this newsletter I put out at the end of the year called "Making the Phone Ring". It will help you to be located on the local listings so you are the dealer found when someone searches for lubricants in your local area.

Suggested Basic Stock

Link to Open Spreadsheet

Engine Flush Testimonial

This link will go to the blog entry I wrote on the subject of Engine Flush but I want to throw in this quick testimonial. I hear a lot about the flush curing lifter noise and of course the other uses which don't really create a response - prepping the oil by neutralizing acids, but finally a customer gave the testimonial which tops them all.  It stopped his excessive oil consumption!! Yes, one customer gave me another reason to use this as and add on to all oil sales.
Blow-by and excess crankcase pressure is a serious issue. Aside from oil consumption, it also causes poor efficiency to your intake via oil vapors being burnt through the PCV system. AMSOIL detergent based engine flush can solve this. Any engine over 25,000 miles can have enough deposits causing issues at the piston ring.  Remember modern engines operate at higher temps so there's more of a chance to create deposits.  AMSOIL Engine & Transmission flush addresses this. 

Being a Draw for Dealers by the Dozen

Yes you can. This is just a brainstorming section that outlines one way of reaching a high AMSOIL goal simply based on using existing tools out there. 
We know on a weekly basis 100's of dealers just sign up online not having an idea of who to join though. Wouldn't you like to be one of the dealers who is able to capture dozens of those dealers for your group every year? 
Here's how.. Make a priority to focus on a section of your website (wordpress preferred) and a blog dedicated to dealer business. Publicize the materials available through AMSOIL's dealer zone, AMSOIL Magazine, Hot Wire, your own content and especially AMSOIL University.  Start making examples and sharing your knowledge through your own Youtube video page. Host all of the blog and video entries on your AMSOIL Facebook page. Also perform on screen videos showing how to perform certain tasks such as using the dealer zone. 

I start my drafts for all these things right here in this newsletter then work them out further on the web. So this is my immediate plan too. 
Oh!! but most of all show your willingness to help the new dealer and have links to the corporate dealer signup page with your dealer ZO number embedded into the link.

There is so much material to use in order to establish yourself as a wonderful host for new dealers. It's part of a balanced AMSOIL business but only a handful of dealers are really going after these prospects.
Also know that AMSOIL has just begun a program to help mentor dealers who do signup w/o a referral.. An added asset for your future downline.

So many new dealers only need someone to point out just a few of the tools available or be there to answer questions. These dealers may be in two years before they know about AMSOIL U, T1 Certification, website options, or even what products to have on hand. And please start on your own Wordpress site because they are VERY effective and no expertise is needed. All the training is on Youtube. Take advantage of it!! That simple knowledge can be shared with your downline instantly doubling your commission base. And who knows, one of those dealers may have all the connections to be your first Platinum Direct Jobber to lock in your financial security.
There may be only five dealers in the country doing all these things. I am in combined with my stores. And by the way here in Sioux Falls a city of 150,000 I have had to order in three full pallets monthly more frequently. February was the busiest month here in a year. I has several $2000 days. March is in pace to match that!

Merchandising Kits

Merchandising Kits
There is a whole page of resources now for the merchandising kits in the Dealer Zone. Just use the search function to find it.

Please review your accounts and make sure all of your retail accounts are served by the benefits here. Use the benefits here to put life back into an old account. These materials are what they've been waiting for. (not to mention the update on the Free Shipping offer)  Personalized oil change decals, display racks, fresh counter mats and gondola shelving helpers are only part of it. Be sure to check your account Co-op points and don't let them vanish away! 

Ford EcoBoost Blog

I completed a series of blogs and facebook page posts regarding the Ford EcoBoosts engines and how AMSOIL is the ONLY choice. You can read that in my Omaha Facebook page and the Dealer training Facebook Pages. Also here is a link to one of the blog entries titled AMSOIL EcoBoost Challenge. This immediately pops up when people are looking for oils for their EcoBoosts engines and also helps them learn more about them. Blogging works this way. I have it focused on local targeting.
So after you have a chance to look at the blog entry this video below will help you further understand these engines and customer concerns. 

These types of subjects increase awareness to your business through the back doors others are not working!

Ford Ecoboost Engine Carbon Deposits: What You Need to Know
Ford Ecoboost Engine Carbon Deposits: What You Need to Know

2016 AMSOIL Dealer and Sales Incentives 


2016 Dealer Training and Incentives
2016 Dealer Training and Incentives

Always assume your downline is not seeing these newsletter so please forward or better yet, make your own version.

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