AMSOIL Dealer INFORMER - Advice to Make It All Work!
January 27th, 2015


Performance Selling Performance

I have stumbled on so many new ways to grow my business. Well that and how to expand on what I already know. So stay tuned as I present ways to help more dealers lay that strong local platform to increase market share of lubricant sales in their area.
And with that AMSOIL is carrying on with multiple aspects to increase demand and image. If you read the last AMSOIL magazine you may have read how they are taking a new turn selling performance over extended drains. This link will go to a blog entry I made on the subject but since I started as an AMSOIL dealer I've noted that most of the new customers were drawn in based on AMSOIL's performance traits or they were seeking more protection for their beloved investment.

And be sure to get started with the new AMSOIL U Online. I haven't started using it just yet because I have a few things I'm doing to add to business. I'm gearing up a series of how-to videos which will be on-screen short talks on how dealers can go about doing things such as blogging and using the dealer zone. I want to visually cover how a dealer can totally dominate the search engines locally. This will also show you how you can go about gaining dozens of new dealers of your own and some other accounts to help you get a balanced dealership which earns more than a couple grand per month. The content is there, all you have to do is arrange it over various platforms.

Need 5W-20 or 0W-20? AMSOIL is the one Choice

Yes - the twenty weights as I call them are really stepping up in demand. Because of the nature of the close tolerances in engine parts, they are also less forgiving when you lose a typical amount of viscosity. Combine that thought with the fact that engines have to take more abuse. They run hotter and are made to be more compact with less cooling. The demand obviously will only increase and as you have read the 5W-16 weights are on the way.

So - that said, I tell potential customers AMSOIL is the only choice here. As we have seen over the decades the run of the mill oils and synthetics sheer out often before the end of their useful life. AMSOIL is the consistent one and as the Sequence IIIG testing shows it's all about protection.
If you need a 5W-20 or 0W-20 you need consistency. Only AMSOIL is guaranteed to stay within spec for the advertised interval.

We are seeing a couple of the Ford Ecoboost motors remain on 5W-20 while the truck models with this option all use 5W-30. I think this is because the account of more loading but some of the car versions still recommend 5W-20.

One more note, just like 0W-30 is the upgrade from 5W-30 and 10W-30, treat 0W-20 as the upgrade from 5W-20. This is for all climates and will offer better performance. That's from the horses mouth!! Technically having a 0W-20, there really is no need for a 5W-20. Everything is met with this viscosity. There is no adverse issues.


Sales Tip

I have found about the greatest (arguably) group of loyal AMSOIL enthusiasts is found in your local Subaru WRX (Impreza, STi, ETC) owners. You will find it's quite the active group of enthusiasts who need a product like AMSOIL for their turbocharged cars. 

Here is a blog entry I made with the help of a recent AMSOIL Newsstand article to help attract enthusiast drivers with turbos. Contact your top car groups, make them an offer (10 to 15% off retail pricing for example or special case pricing) then enjoy traffic you didn't have before. Blogging also helps attract these groups. More on that below.
Look for the local "Subaru Owners Group" on facebook.

What is a Synthetic Blend?

Well if we look back at the lawsuit in 1999 when Mobil took Castrol to task and lost over their use of petroleum based oils labeling them as synthetic we know the later created Group III base stocks are now widely used and accepted by the industry. (See AMSOIL Magazine "From the President's Desk" article from September 2014.)
So knowing that we can assume that any oil not marketed as 100% synthetic likely is a Group III. That said we can also assume a blend which there is no required percent of what the make-up is of each part is really part Group II (Petroleum conventional motor oil) and part Group III Petroleum based 'synthetic'. Could be 95% one and 5% of the other or even less.
But based on the definitions and knowing that profit margins dictate quality we can be pretty confident that a blend is nothing more than a good quality conventional oil "blended" with a better quality conventional oil which happens to be labeled as "synthetic"...
Article Referenced - WIll the Industry Self Regulate? (See page two)


On the last newsletter I covered getting set up with your own wordpress website which also has blogging as part of the themes. The wordpress format or "kit" way of building websites is without a doubt the most useful and lucrative route to go with your AMSOIL business. It's the #1 favored format and blogging per Google's search engines.

I guess I should first outline what is a blog? Well in my words it's just a online warehouse if you will, of subject oriented content. If you had time to just reflect on one idea regarding AMSOIL or auto maintenance five days a week you would accumulate 260 blog entries! If you had your blog mostly locally oriented like my Omaha one the articles will eventually rank highest for that subject in your area. All the blog entries sort of support each other so if I only had 3 blog entries that mentioned my local area and also a particular Mercedes transmission there's a good likelihood that people looking for service for their Mercedes would see your entry.  I have experimented with this on the European oils and sure enough after a couple blog entries and a product page supporting this, several drivers stopped in the store to buy oil.

Below is a link to get one all set up on your own. I would go after that making it priority because the sooner you can start writing blogs the better. As time goes on you will learn more about attaching files and images and adding static pages to the site as well. Knowing this I wouldn't waste $1 on AMSOIL's cookie cutter website. It will never rank over any blog site.

Blogs are so easy to make I would suggest first having a locally orientated one then later work on a more all state one. So if you lived in Pittsburgh you would want to be sure at least one paragraph in at least every other entry would mention a town in your area, "When I used the PI Performance Improver my mileage on the hilly Pittsburgh streets was noticeable. I got to the Freeport turn off over then Allegheny River and still had enough gas to get back home where as I usually have to fill up here."  - Or just have "We remind you that as your local Pittsburgh's AMSOIL dealer to call with your needs because we have most every thing in stock!!"

There is so much material that there is no reason for your dealership to dominate an area. Then you can work on one for national sales. That also just takes time but google loves photos and unique stories, etc. There's money in those keys.

Oh I almost forgot the most important part - Not only will your readers call or order oline but you can capture all the traffic and automatically build a email list creating subscribers or a customer cash machine. It's a pot of gold. Your subscriber lists will be updated of all your blog entries. Very few if any dealers are doing this!! It can be applied to any small business.

Why Wordpress?
  • Ranks high in searches - Google's favorite format
  • Unlimited theme's to choose - (Templates)
  • Responsive - your site needs to be in a format which works for mobile users
  • Easy to use - If you want a product based site it's easy to add page after page then build a menu structure. Use widgets to build a easy flowing front page and sidebars so your customers can navigate easily.
  • Blog format - a home-run with attracting prospects and new dealers both local and out of the area.
  • Hundreds maybe thousands of how-to videos on all aspects of Wordpress site building. But like I said, it's quite easy once you start

Next Issue
A story about a recent dealer who quit due to avoidable customer conflicts regarding inventory and ordering. How he could have not only remained but quadrupled his business.
Flush testimonial & blog entry and new product cheat sheets.
Being the draw for dealer prospects by the dozen.
Merchandiser Kits

And I will try to have my suggested inventory spreadsheet updated with the new products and sizes.

Always assume your downline is not seeing these newsletter so please forward or make your own version.

Good Day!
Ches Cain