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June, 2015
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"Tools & Enhancements"
That was the theme of the 2015 AMSOIL U in Duluth.

The major 3rd party automotive market research and advertising firm Morpace was hired and extensive studies were reported. This has resulted in some major tools and plans of action which positively effect us all in several ways.
Sales are up significantly and market feedback show the enthusiast market in in our hands by a wide margin. It's coming to a roadshow near you so continue reading!

AMSOIL is recognizing that "The First In Synthetics", longer drain intervals or mileage is not what's propelling their name. It's brand reputation, performance, quality, and the fact that AMSOIL is an independent that is driving the name home especially to a new younger market who doesn't trust large corporations - primarily in the motorcycle, ATV and powersports markets to include the more technical automotive enthusiasts.

A quick overview of the topics was partially covered in the latest Hotwire but I'll add more to what I saw there.
The other two main issues which I will cover below was a major commitment to revolutionize AMSOIL U to a field effort and online. New staff members have been added to take AMSOIL U on the road

The other part which was the majority of the statistical slides and discussion was the incredible amount of market research from customers who frequent quick lubes and auto parts stores. What AMSOIL found was profound enough to add more staff for the purpose of hitting the road to assist us in locking in these important accounts while providing more tools to get it done on our own. Adjustments have been made to entice and increase existing sales.

On the home-front I continue to learn more via impressive results from my own wordpress site and blogging almost instantly has restored the frequency of internet sales which I haven't seen since 2005. Only this time w/o the aid of any paid advertising! And I plan to double that through a new website and blog to go live soon. Another newsletter and video will outline that story. Take advantage of what everybody else is NOT doing!

Ches Cain

AMSOIL University Highlights (And Direct Jobbers Convention)

I'm so glad I made it to the AMSOIL U 2015. It was announced that this would be the last time AMSOIL U would be held in this format in Duluth. The part I enjoyed the most was a two hour North Short railway excursion over lunch where we were free to roam about the various cars from various eras.

Yes - AMSOIL U will be hitting the road for now on and will also be part of a 24hour online training system available throughout the year.
The stunning statistical slide show which is the result of AMSOIL hiring Morpace Advertising & Market Research (an automotive branding firm) will be shown as part of these regional meetings. This information is key to understand the impact of the AMSOIL name in the target markets. I see it as a tremendous green light to dealers to visit these shops and markets while the iron is hot.
First - I have a number of eyeopening photographed slides from the DJ Convention part of the week which if you send me a link to your dropbox or other FTP mailbox link I will be glad to forward these to you. Everyone should see them!! 

Getting to the details I have summarized these monumental announcements copied from my notes to short phrases. The points below are quite significant!

AMSOIL Knowledgebase - Launched the day of the convention - a major database for knowledge sharing and instant help with managing your AMSOIL business.Answers to FAQs, how to, detailed procedures, tutorials, user manuals, articles, etc... Subject matter is being added daily. 40+ years of knowledge now at your fingers instantly. Try the new icon in the DZ today!
Suggested uses - Help answering new dealer's questions, seeking full knowledge on a product and as resource material for websites, blogs, meetings and newsletters. 

CRM - Customer - Relationship - Management system... More later but it's a integration of contacts, calendar, activities - tied in with the DBS system and more.. 

Expanded staff - Field sales representatives will be stationed permanently at the DCs (distribution centers) as well as a couple other key cities such as Denver and Hartford, CT. These individuals will be available to travel to help you tie the knot on that difficult prospect or assist with a dealer meeting. Use this resource. Maybe schedule a show booth locally and see if they can be on hand? This will greatly strengthen the growing dealer network and help dealers meet market demands.

The above and the rest of the announcements is part of a new focus on Dealers AND Customers

I owe an entire newsletter to this one but perhaps a video will be made. AMSOIL is updating all accounts regarding "Customer Bill of Rights".


Improved customer first policy which modifies locked in ROTS and Commercial accounts so that if the account has complained about a lack of support or service and attempts by AMSOIL to get the dealer to follow-up have failed, (or the dealer has quit) the account will be reassigned to a more responsible dealer who is active and local. Starts July 1st. This long overdue policy has been the source of complaints for various reasons, one of which from out of state dealers signing up an account w/o the knowledge and approval of the business. This has lost a good number of accounts forever.   


A study was done showing the average growth in sales of all existing AMSOIL ROTS accounts was 6% over the last year. However, accounts with any of the co-op retail product display shelves had an average increase of 24%. Definitely a benefit which should not be ignored! 


Retail & Dealer Locator - The bar has been lowered from a $500 order to a $300 order to have your account listed on the corporate "Installer or Retailer Locator". It has been proven to be an effective tool in driving demand at these shops. The Retailer Locator should be among your top sales tools for winning over new accounts.


Although I missed it in my notes, I believe I heard the dealer locator will be adjusted to reflect if the local dealer is stocking product. They did discuss that the new dealer website package will include a feature to show local inventory. (See the section on this in the DZ)


"Availability brings value. Where do you stand on value?"


Of course the most significant move since the 1997 introduction of XL is the recent announcement regarding free shipping to retail accounts on orders of $300 or more. This can more than double our business. A major hurtle gone. Profitability and ease of ordering taken to a new stage. This will also expand existing accounts. Just think of the scenarios. Free shipping combined with the installer/retailer locator and the success of the co-op product racks is higher percentages of commissions every way you look at it!



Minimum qualifying order for Installer Banner kit has been lowered to just $300 and is no longer restricted to XL and OE.. All the motor oils are part of the program now. The materials will be updated to include Oil Change Decals customized with the shops name! I believe this has been posted in the new Knowledgebase.

AMSOIL is now the official oil of the Carlisle Automotive Events in Carlisle, PA! (Applause) - It's really becoming a household name everywhere.
And thanks to the findings of the Morepace agency, AMSOIL will be investing like never before into television ads mainly among the cable channels.
AMSOIL staff shared the results of several surveys given to past dealers and customers who were no longer buying. The results gave proof showing that if only a slight amount of communications existed between the dealer and customer or product was on hand, their business would have continued on. The loses in actual dollar value which could have been prevented were shocking. They also showed that many who are dealers should have just been customers or PC's. An increase in dealer dues will increase the quality of dealers while improving the customer segment.

Field Training:
July - Spokane, WA - Portland, OR
August - Lexington, KY - Richmond, VA
September - Minneapolis, MN - Chicago, IL - Edmonton, AB - Toronto, ON
October - Albany, NY - Lancaster, PA - St. Louis, MO - Columbus, OH
November - Memphis, TN - Arlington, TX - Atlanta, GA - Orlando, FL
December - Phoenix, AZ - Las Vegas, NV.
Schedule subject to change - exact dates will be announced in the DZ and AMSOIL Mag. 

580+ prior dealers surveyed: 

And as AMSOIL is addressing the "I didn't want to be a dealer" ones, there are solutions for the other issues here.  



As you can see AMSOIL is pulling out all the stops to better be in touch with dealers out in the field. Efforts are being made and addressed from all points to strengthen your ability to sell and be seen.
Outside of the traditional AMSOIL U in Duluth, this helps give the greatest impression to new dealers eager to start off right and now have available more tools making selling and delivering our quality products a cinch!

Here's a question for you. One improvement I can make is to establish a monthly or weekly conference call anyone can join in on. Which would you prefer? A phoned in type of call or a Skype type of meeting? Of if you know of a service which works well please let me know. It would be great to share experiences with as many as we can and if I do a weekly this would give most of us a chance to call in per our busy schedules. I'm here late Thursday nights so I thought that would be the best time to do this. We can even have an AMSOIL staff member present on these calls or even do an AGGRAND one from time to time!

I have a 2nd newsletter in the works showing some of the results of my old website which seems to be making a comeback in sales!! This is without a single pay per click or paid ad running over the past four months. I also want to show you the results of my local website as how easy it was to make and how it dominates locally. The combination of three things is what makes it work.
I'll also cover the new AMSOIL "Cookie cutter" website plan, getting your own credit card charging account and a tool on locking in quick lube success.
I will also cover a way to grow your business across state lines using a regional shipping company.

Quick Lube, Automotive shops and small independent autoparts stores
Oh - most importantly I have these "Sales Scenario Cheat Sheet" color handouts from AMSOIL us which I have duplicated. The information is useful for understanding and getting that heads up to make that brief sales meeting/visit easier. I will be mailing these out to all dealers in my downline but if you want to be at the top of the list, please drop me an email w/ your address and I'll get one to you first.
I am also designing a heavy card stock you can use to make a quick OE/XL info drop to prospects which includes important average success rates when AMSOIL OE is in stock.

AMSOIL Case Drawing just for Reading!!

Congrats to Pedro Serrano of Tulsa - winner of the cool AMSOIL Racing jersey and Shawn Orton of MW Michigan who won the case variety pack!! They will be mailed on Monday 15th of June.

We're going to do it again! I assign each dealer who replies that they read the newsletter a number then I use a certified random number generator to pick the winners. If you have won in the past you may still
Just for reading, all you have to do is reply to me via email with "I read the Newsletter"  IN THE SUBJECT LINE then in the body include your name and ZO#. I will have a drawing in a couple weeks after this is sent.
First Place Prize is a mix of whatever I can stuff in a quart case box. (all practical and important products)   
And 2nd Place Prize is a Large AMSOIL Red Ladies Hoodie. (Someone ordered it and never picked it up)

Good Luck!!
 Ches Cain