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AMSOIL Dealer Support Newsletter & Drawing
May, 2015
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I hope you really enjoyed the last newsletter. I had links to some sites which could really take you to the top if you follow all their advice. As I want my dealers to have the latest marketing strategies, the prior newsletter won't be added to the public archives anytime soon. If you lost the link or email to it just email me back.

In the last newsletter I also had a drawing for a case of oil (split case of MTG and ASE) and one of the AMSOIL Crew Shirts. Very few dealers replied to be in the drawing so the odds were 1 in 5! I'll do it again this month so be sure to follow the instructions below.

AMSOIL is making a LOT of upgrades and adding products. I have already received some great feedback from the dirt bike oils and the new Harley Primary oil. Especially the DB oil as it makes the clutch react in a way to shave a couple seconds off of a lap.
With the number of changes (See the HOTWIRE and subscribe if you havent)  I am most pleased with the coolant ones. The other products generally share with my current customer base but having a coolant with the better pricing and selection should increase sales to customers who have passed that one up.

 - so - what that means is that at AMSOIL U there are bound to be more surprises and announcements. And the reason I see it a MUST attend is for the reason to pick up on market trends which help you plan for the future and the 10% off product over the standard purchase discount. Not to mention this year they're holding the Direct Jobbers convention which all DJ's receive kickbacks on activity. Another benefit to AMSOIL dealers!

Ok - Take advantage of the deals below! Thank you for reading.

Ches Cain

Buyback Below Cost - Bypass Filter and Analysis Kits!

I recently bought back a large supply of filters and analysis kits from the City of Cincinnati as they are changing suppliers. So this means I will share the savings with you. The total price is less than what you would pay to AMSOIL including your commissions you get back.. So if you see something you need please call or email ASAP and I will ship to you at the best possible rate. I have over 200 total pieces from this lot.

Choose from:
 KIT-06 (Oil Analysis kits w/o Postage) for only $11 each (AMSOIL is $17.95) and if you need 5 or more I can do $10 each.

EAO-26 Full Flow Oil Filter for only $13.00 each. (AMSOIL is $17.65) Order 5 or more for only $12.00 each

EABP-90 Bypass Oil Filter (2-Micron) only $22.00 each (AMSOIL is $29.30) order 5 or more for only $20 each.

Call me at 605-274-2580 or email to order.

So if you have a bypass system or sell these - buy what you need for the year as I have plenty. As for the oil analysis kits - for this price buy one for all your fluids and see where your equipment stands. Have some test copies for your customers or even better - give them away as a prize to customers who spend over $200. These work for Motorcycles, lawn equipment, transmissions, compressors, gear boxes and of course gasoline and diesel crank cases. I had a customer do one with 20,000 miles and learned the hard way why AMSOIL doesn't advocate oil additives.

The beauty of the no-postage KIT-06 kits is you can send several at a time in one box for one low shipping fee. These are allowed by the postal service. I use a priority box so you can easily track it. ~~~ 
Learn more at Oil Analyzers here

AMSOIL Case Drawing just for Reading!!

Just for reading, all you have to do to enter to win one of the two prizes is reply to me via email with "I read the Newsletter"  IN THE SUBJECT LINE then in the body include your name and ZO#. I will have a drawing in a couple weeks after this is sent.
First Place Prize is a mix of quarts and canned products - call it display stock. (all practical and important products) about $100 value  
And 2nd Place Prize is a AMSOIL Crew Jersey (you pick the size.)

Good Luck!!
 Ches Cain