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- April, 2015
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In case you did not receive a letter form AMSOIL corporate please note that
AMSOIL is now offering FREE Shipping on retail accounts!
That is a real offer w/o an increase in price. This is a huge incentive as AMSOIL becomes more popular coast to coast! Se more information below.

Also for accounts who are stocking a variety of products we have an array of display shelving available. More on that below too. AMSOIL has been taking major steps to help with merchandising and availability. We can even list your business on the AMSOIL corporate website.

Your AMSOIL Account #

  Ches Cain - Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
New - Effective April 2015 - Free Shipping for all Retail Accounts  
Retail accounts receive free shipping for orders totaling $300 ($400 Canada) or more. If the order total is less than $300, a flat shipping rate of $9.99 ($11.99 Canada) will apply. Accounts that pick up their orders from an AMSOIL distribution centers or employ group-ship or freight-collect options receive a 2 percent discount on their order total.

Yes! No more shipping rebates to hassle with! When you place your order online or by the ordering staff at AMSOIL Corporate you will notice the reduction in your total!
You can still call me directly for product information and order processing. We are here to help you market additional products and get your store listed on our new website (soon to be relieved) and on the AMSOIL Retailer Locator.

Please send me an updated photo of the exterior of your business so I can have it posted on AMSOIL's Locator. A photo which would help customers recognize your location.

AMSOIL Phone Ordering is also now open to 7PM Central!

  Handy updated AMSOIL Price & Product Price List: G3500 price list
AMSOIL Ordering 1-800-777-7094
our telephone # is 605-274-2580 or 1-800-579-0580 or email

Here are some of the available display units we can send you.
This link will show ALL the items available to enhance your display
(If the above link doesn't work you will need to be logged in first)

Is your Synthetic really Synthetic?

(from a past AMSOIL Magazine)
The following article explains why customers notice such a change in their motor's performance when switching to AMSOIL. Even when using our base grade OE which is several stages higher in quality than other Group III's.

For years various editorial writers at "Lube 'N' Greases" magazine have expressed concerned with this case which after 1999 the word "Synthetic" was reduced to a mere marketing term. If the competition was forced by trade laws to use the genuine base stocks defined by the label you should expect to see a product like Mobil1's base synthetic product to be about $10 per quart and the Extended life $14 or more. We already see most of our gear lube competitors with pricing almost double ours. Here's the article as was printed in a past AMSOIL Magazine summarizing the problem.

PDF: Is your synthetic really Synthetic? Basestock Wars - Stockholder Profit vs Quality.

Third party article relating to this: Too Many Choices

For this reason AMSOIL came out with the "OE" line to level the playing field within this market. Thus a gallon of our popular OE 15W-40 Diesel costs only $19.45 (17.65 in the drum) when purchased in the case and the OE 5W-30 motor oil is only 17.36 (15.55/gal in 55gal drum).

In Closing

Thank you for your business.
Please call anytime with your questions and concerns.
I have been full time with AMSOIL since 2003 and a dealer since 1997.

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