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 - October, 2014
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Hello to all our AMSOIL Preferred Customers.

First, this newsletter is also going out to preferred customers from years back so just a reminder for those who's membership has been out, renewing your PC membership with AMSOIL is optional. Just call us directly and get the same price and save the membership fee!! And in some states where we ship to you can avoid the sales tax AMSOIL charges. Call and ask for Ches at 800-579-0580. If you still want internet ordering you would have to sign up but I can make you a better deal on that to.
 If any of you need an updated price list just call or email me for one. (email at the bottom of the newsletter)

Your AMSOIL Account #

As promised these newsletters are not too frequent as I don't want to have our materials clog up your mailbox.
I do have some good material for you so I'll get started. As a dealer I have opened up a 2nd store which is starting to get traction. Customers all say the same thing - "We're so glad we don't have to to have product shipped in and more often they say, "I stopped buying because the local dealers wouldn't call us back. - Bad service!!"

So one of the below section of this newsletter will help encourage you to consider upgrading to a dealer because if you are a PC - just like you someone else is looking for product locally. Something to consider!! Local product is badly needed! I'll list a few tools which we have to help you.

The purpose of this newsletter is to pass along years of experience using AMSOIL products helping you further understand the merits as well as interesting tips. I have worked with and heard from over 10,000 customers over the years.

Preferred Customer Offer for September:
Any order of two to four cases I will rebate 1/2 your freight charge. Any order 5 or more cases (any product) I'll rebate 100% of your freight! Just call or email. Please mention this newsletter.

 Ches Cain - Regency Platinum Direct Jobber

AMSOIL Air Filters - The Bargain of the year! 
While AMSOIL is keeping the very successful EAAU (Cone shaped) cold air intake filters and the EAAR racing filter kits, the drop in replacement EAA air filters are being discontinued. Reasons were listed in past AMSOIL magazines but in summary it's due to the expansion of filter part#'s within one model line vs. one air filter size for many vehicles. Also odd specific hardware fused into new designs. Local dealers are not likely to stock a vast supply of air filters like they do for oil filters.

So that said I call the main warehouse and there are 100's of these still in inventory. I ordered up several of our best sellers but you should to. They are 50% off while they last!! Plenty for Ford trucks & Mustang, Chevy pickups, Dodge diesels, Pontiac/Buick/Cadillac front wheel drives, Subaru, Jeep Cherokee and many more. Just use this link to the online look-up and see if they have yours or look in the back of the August AMSOIL mag. - order now so you don't miss out. These are 98% at 2 micron when fresh and last 100,000 miles or 4-years!
The best way to check on availability is to first look up your filter #, then call 800-777-7094 and see what remains.

If you use the cone type intake filters the AMSOIL version will remain. As I said, we sell several per month and they are unique in the market. Not just another air filter or like any other 'dry' air filter.



Product Highlight: 
Formula 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil Commercial Grade 10W30/SAE30
This is the 2nd testimonial of this type we received directly here at Synthetic Warehouse. Next door to our building in a large lot is a full time food truck vendor specializing in these wonderful Italian beef sandwiches. Prior to getting their trailer connected to the grid, they have used alternating generators - one pictured here. On time every day the generator ran out of fuel at 7 hours. The units power their food trailer, mainly two deep fryers. Propane is used on other appliances. I convinced them to try our small engine oil (ASE 10W30) as well as a bottle of QuickShot gasoline fuel additive as this runs 9 hours per day.  
The Savings! 
Consistently now they are reporting since switching to AMSOIL from a number of other products the generator reaches 8 and sometimes 8.5 hours. Even though they are connected to the grid, the generator continues to be used nightly at their 2nd location. I had another customer in Arkansas who had this same unit in his welding business with exact results.

  In our store the Small Engine Oil (ASE) is one of our stronger sellers. Many dealers and retailers overlook this product unfortunately but 1/4th of my walk in traffic adds this to their purchases at some point and many others came into the store exclusively looking for this. It is a problem solver and insurance toward your equipment.

Suggested associated products: 
Quickshot gasoline fuel additive 
Power Foam 
Fogging Oil Spray 
MP - Metal Protector Spray


Is your Synthetic really Synthetic?

The following article will prove why customer notice such a change in their motor's performance when switching to AMSOIL. Even when using our lower grade OE which is told to be a few stages higher in quality than other Group III's.

For years various writers at Lube 'N' Greases magazine have expressed concerned with this case which after 1999 the word "Synthetic" was reduced to a mere marketing term. If the competition was forced by trade laws to use the genuine base stocks defined by the label you should expect to see a product like Mobil1's base synthetic product to be about $10 per quart and the Extended life $14 or more. We already see most of our gear lube competitors with pricing almost double ours so just think what you are getting if they cut the quality down??

Here's the article as was printed in the last AMSOIL Magazine summarizing the problem. Print out for your future customers.

PDF: Is your synthetic really Synthetic? Basestock Wars - Whatever makes the stockholders the most $ - Quality aside.

 Dealership Opportunities

I'll close with brief thoughts on why you should consider upgrading to a dealer.

It's definitely not for everybody - that's why we have the PC (preferred customer) option but almost all dealers were PC's at one point.

One of the not so obvious reasons to upgrade to a dealer is for the commissions. There are several PC's who order for friends, their work, business or a single yearly order which is over $300.00. As a dealer that type of order or frequency of orders would yield back your sign up fee and any shipping charges. In some cases much more.
Look up AMSOIL's G85 for a chart of commission rates.

Local Demand:
I get at least one call per week of a disgruntled customer who calls us after giving up locally in their search for AMSOIL.
  1. They found several dealers but one or more of the situations existed: None of the dealers answered or had a voice mail indicating they were a dealer.
  2. A dealer answered but didn't have what they needed and gave excuses as to when they would have the product requested.
  3. A dealer answered but never called back with an answer.
  4. The dealer had what the customer needed but his terms were not convenient or reasonable - (location, price, minimum or scheduling.)
  5. The dealer was just a jerk and the customer refused to buy from them. (I had a customer locally say the dealer was meeting them 1/2 way but the customer had to wait outside of the restaurant for the dealer to finish his cheese burger. That's bad service!)
I always look forward helping dealers in my group to be fully listed in the search areas including AMSOIL's as there are so many dealers not doing justice to the name.

If you made it this far through this newsletter then you may have experienced this grief. If you think you may be able to fill the gap please consider upgrading. It's quite rewarding once you get into the swing of things. Would you believe a city such as Atlanta (or San Diego) I get calls or emails weekly and there is still yet to be a reliable dealer? A stocking dealer there would really make some great $$!!



I have a spreadsheet ready with two separate levels of suggested inventory. These are minimum levels which should be able to fulfill any minimum order.

Most dealers only buy for their close friends or family so a basic inventory would not be needed. This is still a reason to upgrade from a PC. If you become active it's your option if we list you on our site and at in the dealer locator.

How to Upgrade? If you are active you can call AMSOIL's 800-777-7094 to upgrade or online at the corporate website when you log in.

Dealer Training

I said I would be brief so I will finish this section with links I made which go directly to the AMSOIL U presentations from May of 2014. You may find the data interesting and encouraging. There are literally unlimited tools in the dealer zone online as well.

2014 AMSOIL U Presentations.


Principals or Brilliant Sales and Marketing
Solution Selling Combined SL

Co-active Coaching

Manage your customer relationships

Power Presentations


Detailed Applications

Technology & Market Insights Final

AU 2014 New Products

T1 Leads Program Review


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Leadership Principles

Engine Operations


Engine Lubrication

Dealer Basics


AU 2014 Core Presentation

AU 2014 Core Administration

Selling - Basics of Storytelling


2014 AMSOIL University ALTRUM Presentation

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Erik Buell: We were going to redesign the engine - turns out we just needed a better quality oil!
Erik Buell: We were going to redesign the engine - turns out we just needed a better quality oil!


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