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September, 14 2013
Is there a better deal than Free Shipping?
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If you are accustom to ordering online and have seen the recent "Free Shipping" offer from AMSOIL corporate, we want you to know there is a better way to order. Actually there are two better ways!! Continue reading below the feature article for more on this subject.

Product Highlight:
Formula 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil Commercial Grade 10W30/SAE30
Efficiency increased significantly

This is the 2nd testimonial of this type we received directly here at Synthetic Warehouse. Next door to our building in a large lot is a full time food truck vendor specializing in these wonderful Italian beef sandwiches. Prior to getting their trailer connected to the grid, they have used alternating generators - one pictured here. On time every day the generator ran out of fuel at 7 hours. The units power their food trailer, mainly two deep fryers. Propane is used on other appliances. I convinced them to try our small engine oil (ASE 10W30) as well as a bottle of QuickShot gasoline fuel additive as this runs 9 hours per day.
The Savings!
Consistently now they are reporting since switching to AMSOIL from a number of other products the generator reaches 8 and sometimes 8.5 hours. Even though they are connected to the grid, the generator continues to be used nightly at their 2nd location. I had another customer in Arkansas who had this same unit in his welding business with exact results.

In our store the Small Engine Oil (ASE) is one of our stronger sellers. Many dealers and retailers overlook this product unfortunately but 1/3rd of my walk in traffic adds this to their purchases. It is a problem solver and time saver!

Oil Filters Made in USA
Save big on your next order!
As the majority of our customers order online now, we see that they often didn't know there are ways to save more on purchases. Because you are a past customer we're going to make it easy for you. Three choices:

#1 - If you order online and prefer to continue to order this way ongoing using your existing AMSOIL account #
you can email, fax or mail a copy of the invoice and I will rebate your sales tax once I verify you are ordering in our dealer group.  You can also request us as your dealer by using our referral number 510227 when you order. This is for orders which qualify for AMSOIL's free shipping offer. Send invoices to

More Savings
#2 - If you call me direct to order at 1-800-579-0580 or 605-274-2580, Ask for Ches and mention this newsletter then you save roughly 25% over the online prices. (similar as Preferred Customer or Dealer w/o the fee) I can also email you the price list so you can see what that is ahead of time. If you order consists of 2 cases or more (24 quarts or 8 gallons) I will in addition split your shipping rate in half! In some cases you will not be charged sales tax as AMSOIL does charge!
Note: When Amsoil added the free shipping, product pricing was adjusted to cover shipping costs. Using ordering method #2 although you are charged shipping, you are only charged the exact discount rate for what you bought, rather than a averaged shipping cost added into the product pricing. Your end total is much less! Set up an order online then call me to test and see!!

Don't be intimidated to call. Yes we are in South Dakota but most of our orders come from Florida and New York. We have warehouses in your neck of the woods for more efficient shipping. Most orders arrive the same week, some in just two business days.

#3 - Just join as a preferred customer. Method #2 will save you a little more $ but this method is for those who want to pay dealer cost and order online exclusively. Basically the difference is the $20 or $10 membership fee and some will be charged sales tax. AMSOIL will mail you a full packet as well. You can still call us for product tech support and call in your order to us as mentioned in #2 if you later elect to do so or when the membership runs out.
You can easily see the whole product array at or contact me for a new catalog and I'll e-mail it to you ASAP.

You can also TEXT me at 605-521-0742 any time!

Thank you again for taking the time to read this letter and I appreciate your business! AMSOIL products are mostly made in USA including the nanofiber oil filters. With 16 years of working with AMSOIL customers please don't hesitate to call if you have questions. We are here 8:30 AM to 6PM central time daily M-F and 9AM to 5PM Saturday.


Ches Cain AMSOIL Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
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Our New Omaha AMSOIL store
Our first store in Sioux Falls
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Thanks to growing demand we have teamed up with one of our Omaha dealers Sean Murta and opened a 2nd retail and shipment location in Omaha, NE. Sioux Falls, SD has been quite the success making AMSOIL a household name with modest advertising. It's a great effort keeping the shelves stocked but having the Omaha location will help with our shipping efforts. Over 1000 cars and motorcycles are driving around Sioux Falls with our AMSOIL decal on them! It's quite pleasing.
You can work from your home or office - call me if you would like to get involved. Active dealers now get a listing on the corporate site making it easy for customers and people passing through to find you.

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