Motor oils don't always do a good job at keeping your engine clean. Oils coke turbo lines. Long idling causes havoc on primary additives in even your better known motor oil brands.


Our AMSOIL Magazine which reaches dealers and preferred customers has had quite a few great tech articles lately. I will be forwarding them via newsletters to our online ordering customers. And on that note you can always save more on your orders when you call. See below.

AMSOIL Engine & Transmission Flush

What makes our flush different and when is the best time to use it?
First, I'd like to clear a couple myths I hear customers ask about often. I'm often asked if once you switch to synthetic you shouldn't switch back. In 20 years I have never seen or heard any reason for this and as for AMSOIL, these products are designed to be 100% compatible and do exactly what your engine would expect them to do. The 2nd myth we hear often is "You have to use your flush (or any) before switching to AMSOIL". Again - totally not true. This myth may have come from the fact that there are  ester based synthetics used in racing which are not compatible, but AMSOIL does not use those formulations in their automotive line of products. AMSOIL motor oils are totally compatible with others.
What the flush does is complement the oil. The idea is to neutralize acids and suspend deposits so the fresh oil's additive packages will last longer. In some cases the engine may have preexisting issues caused by long idling or temperature increases so the flush is your first step toward better efficiency.

Engines today are more prone to deposits due to manufacturers trying to squeeze out more efficiency, and we are seeing an increases number with fuel dilution issues, especially on diesel motors. You would think it's just the opposite but every couple of years new challenges are presented to lubricant manufacturers and AMSOIL works these out years before they are required.

Question: Why is our flush different?? Well if you look at the back of our bottle you will see that there is no flammability warning If you look at any other competing product you will see that not to be the case. AMSOIL's engine flush is a detergent based product so it contains no harmful solvents but instead uses just a higher concentration of what's already in your motor oil and unique dispersants.
Detergents in your new oil may not be able to handle the deposits already in the block as well as glazing on clutch plates in your transmission. Yes - because this is a detergent based product, it's perfect as a transmission flush as well. You don't have to worry about any residual of this product being left behind.
Yours truly just bought a used Volvo like the one pictured and while only at 25,000 miles, it's a turbo so I don't want to take any chances of the lines coking. I run my AMSOIL products to their full intervals so this gives me the added benefit of the doubt.

Please read the AMSOIL Flush technical data sheet for more information.

Consumer Motor Oil Alerts

Two months ago this article appeared in Lubes 'n' Greases (our industry magazine) regarding poor quality or obsolete oils popping up on shelves and in quick lube tanks all across the country. AMSOIL reprinted it for our dealer magazine. This isn't the first time I've seen these reports. If you ever call to order ask me how AMSOIL's quality control works to prevent these issues. It's actually quite simple as it's a family owned business but they have invited the entire industry to tour their plant as it is known to be the most advanced in North America. We offer full disclosure on all of the products.

I will leave you with a snippet of the attached article:

API Reveals Nearly 20 Percent of
Bulk Oils Fail Performance Standards
The problems aren't just limited to
smaller oil distributors. Bulk motor oil
testing performed by the American
Petroleum Institute (API) indicates many
motorists may be receiving substandard
motor oil when they drop their vehicles
off for an oil change. According to the
API, it purchased and tested more than
1,000 samples from bulk motor oil tanks
throughout North America over the past
five years, and nearly 20 percent failed
API performance standards.
PQIA Issues Advisory for Valvoline
NextGen 5W-20 Motor Oil

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