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First product display 1999
Just a simple newsletter wishing all our dealers and customers a happy 4th of July!! I'm taking the 2nd half of the day off and all day Friday as my brother is coming up from Dallas with his twins. So it will be a great time.

The photo to the left was one of my earlier Amsoil "dealer" experiences 15 years ago today. It was in the parking lot of the Texas Motor Speedway (just opened a year or two before). I was driving a 64 Corvair Greenbrier Van which is now owned by Pete Koehler who takes care of the Corvair museum in Michigan. This was 1st Corvair I used Amsoil in which caused the motor to run so smoothly that the deck-lid over the engine compartment in the rear stopped vibrating at speed! Because I had a story of how different their products were I started testing and observing the benefits of the other products.
The blue 66 Corvair Corsa Convertible seen here was owned by my friend Herb Duplant. His father was a Chevrolet mechanic in Port Arther, TX over all Corvair service. Corvan Engine drastically improved with AMSOIL My first AMSOIL testimonial - 1964 Corvair Van
I'm sending this short newsletter with the spirit that AMSOIL and your dealer business represents the Red, White and Blue like nothing else. The opportunity to hedge your future income and security to the tune of your own using their name and next to none quality is really a rare deal. Since I opened this store it's been a constant success and I think I have learned more about the needs of customers to help you all be leading dealers. No Engineering degree required! Just service and have what the customer needs where and when they need it.
Amsoil's 40th Anniversary starts in less than 15 days so you'll be hearing all about the new details of what's on the horizon right here if you're unable to make it. I also have reams of information to share already so stay tuned and have a marvelous weekend!!

Ches Cain
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