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I wanted to thank all our customers who have made recent purchases through our website ( We love our customers and your business is appreciated. With AMSOIL, you've made a great investment.  

We at the Synthetic Warehouse appreciate your business and and are committed to provide you with the best pricing and service. Please be aware of our ongoing offer since 1997.   

Special Offer for those wanting to order by phone.
Please take note that when you call us by phone directly here at The Synthetic Warehouse you save 15% to 25% over the AMSOIL ONLINE Prices. In some cases you can save the sales tax. We ship from the 10 regional AMSOIL warehouses and our new Sioux Falls store to save you more. No membership needed.

When you order by phone we can reflect which products give you the best match for your use (Diesel choices, gear lubes, powersports, etc.). Call for the best deal for your money and answer your technical questions. Save this number - 1-800-579-0580.

Tip of the month. Printable PDF: Warnings on Engine Oil Additives & What Do Viscosity Numbers Mean?   


Call us for a price check at 800-579-0580. Also for ordering and the best technical support! I can email you a wholesale price list if you request one. Just reference this thank you note! 


Thanks again for your patronage and using the best of the best, AMSOIL!!!    







Please contact us at:

Toll free: 1-800-579-0580

or the phone at our new store is 605-274-2580.


40th Anniversary  

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse
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