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Updates November 19, 2012  



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SAPS - European Oils
Polaris Cheat Sheet
PC's Need the G3500!
NGK Wiresets
Dealer Contest
Ford 6.0 Bypass Parts
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European Oil's - SAPS and all you need to know!
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Good day!
Well after a stagnant August and September things started to come back in October and as of mid November I'm seeing some positive sales numbers. Dealer activity towards the end of October was a bit higher than usual. People are not only getting ahead of vehicle maintenance for the winter months but we're seeing AMSOIL's national advertising create more demand!

Today's topics:
  • Polaris Cross Reference Part Numbers
  • PC Price Lists  
  • NGK Wires & Cabin Air Filters 
  • Jacket and Oil Case Giveaway
  • Ford 6.0 Bypass parts

My hope is that dealers who position themselves with a published business phone number on line or in print have will offer the customer prompt attention. I get calls every week from customers who sound quite bitter and doubting I can help after calling six other dealers who never identified themselves on the voice-mail or called back. Surprisingly these are dealers they found on the AMSOIL dealer locater then they found me through a search. Many times the customer said the dealer didn't think it was worth the bother to order in a quart of something. Compared to other business, even a reasonable inventory is not costly as most other endeavors when one want's to go into business for themselves.

Daily Tips and forum:
Please be sure to join my facebook AMSOIL page. I post anything related to dealer tips, training and customer service. Much more than what would be possible for this newsletter. Use the tips for your own AMSOIL social Media sales page. Rest knowing your downline have another daily live channel for help. Send me yours as well!
Use this link
And my new AMSOIL customer page:
Please feel free to join, take part and make your own!

I've been pleasantly updated by several newer dealers that we will be seeing them at the July 2013, 40th Anniversary extravaganza! The main purpose is the offering of the core training. Meals and other events are covered by the main registration fee. I think the big surprise will really be announcements regarding future strength, outlook and direction of the company.

But don't forget to come visit us sometime here in Sioux Falls to get a real product training session! I also call the store the Dealer Training Center as nothing beats hands on experience.

AMSOIL for Polaris ATVs Revisited
Oil Selection Chart - NEW!

Last month I posted a link to an article regarding confusion of engine oil viscosity availability and OEM trickery.
Well we simplified it. Doug Greenfield, a dealer who works in the store came up with this chart based on all the AMSOIL suggestions. This is the first time it's been compiled into one!

Download, Read and Print this chart here!!

G3500 Price List Promotes Sales
(observations of PC ordering)

As you can imagine, I talk to preferred customers quite often. Some new and others who are quite familiar with AMSOIL.
One thing I hear too often is they are not familiar with the wholesale "price list" (G3500). One has to wonder how they buy then?? And we all thought they got one when they joined..

Well they generally log in at but that creates problems too because sometimes they will get kicked out and see retail pricing which causes them not to order. Or because of the way the site is set up, they miss items, etc.

I found when you contact them (thank you letter or call) and by reminding them of the G3500, asking them to check if they have a current one, mailing or emailing one, you will then see an increase in ordering. Not only because of the G3500 but because you helped them. That 30 page wholesale list with product descriptions and photos is important and they need to have that available or at least know where to find one. Check with them and watch sales increase. You may even gain more renewals from this tip!!

And at the very least you want to mail or send your best and newest PCs a copy of the G290 which is a great color product description catalog which is much more descriptive than the G100 catalogs. (Contains no pricing)


NGK Plug Wiresets!!
NGK Aftermarket Wiresets
Happy customers!! We love'em and these NGK wiresets are worth inquiring about. I've ordered and sold a few but it's getting easier. Back when AMSOIL added these there was an announcement about the quality of the sets dealers have access to.
Did you know the NGK wiresets you buy at the dealership and autoparts store are only a sub-par version of their best?? AMSOIL dealers, are authorized dealers for NGK's Made in USA "Aftermarket" wire sets. The quality is substantially improved.
Boots fit better and last longer. Many have special fasteners or clips which are designed to last. You will be satisfied!!
NGK makes two qualities: OEM and Aftermarket. the OEM are for the high volume sales or bottom line profits where the aftermarket ones are for the customers with an affinity for performance and value. Buy a set and you may want to keep them handy to show your customers. I also believe the price is excellent to the aftermarket you will find at the auto parts store.

Same goes with the cabin air filters. These are built with a finish which actually traps & kills harmful microbes. I seem to be able to sell a customer one about every 5 times I ask. I now have a dirty one on display so they can see just how much dirt is in the cabin air. Naturally this would be for your repeat customers but urge how important it is for them to buy local!!
See Instal Instructions for ALL cabin air filters!


Dealer Contest
I know this is late but I wanted to reward more dealers for their efforts. For November I will do a drawing at the end of the month (10 days after) containing dealer's who have signed up at least one dealer, commercial or retail account.
You get an entry for each account registered in November!!
Just email me evidence of the account (account number and date)
which will produce one ticket in the can for the drawing!! The winner will be announced after the 10th of December so you have time to get them to me.
This includes dealers under direct jobbers too!!
Good luck!

I am also announcing a 2nd prize for the dealer in my personal group who has the highest commissions for the month. I will be scanning these so you don't have to send a thing..

For direct jobbers remember this is the last month to earn commissions for the end of the year bonus - this is why dealers seem to break their neck to move product at any price. This bonus pays 10% of what your increase in commissions are over the previous year. This can be substantial!!  


AFord 6.0 Bypass Filter Kit
For Bypass Oil Filter kit sales I get the most calls still today for owners of the Ford 6.0 Powerstroke.
 So very briefly I will list the parts you typically need. Please go over these, get familiar with the prices and instructions. Don't forget as I list below both full flow oil filters we have available for them to choose from. Know and understand the quality of these filters.

BMK21 - Main bypass kit component
BK1101 - Aluminum Billet Filter Cap
BK1102 - Aluminum Billet Oil Fill Cap
BP-89 - Optional - make your own return cap (costs less)
The BMK-21 also has a return to the pan  fitting which is my personal method
EABP100 - Main Bypass kit for the capacity of this engine.
SDF-88 - Full Flow oil filter (ford OEM quality)
EA15K88ea - nanofiber full flow (Mostly whet I sell)
BP67-Optional petcock valve. I generally suggest using the return cap or placing this valve at the return cap.

So there you have it!! The only other improvement would be a custom made mount which I may start producing again. Just need to get that worked out..


Reminders and Closing:

Dealer Shipping Rebate Schedule:
1-300 pounds = $0.10/lb
301 - 400 pounds = $0.20/lb
401 - 600 pounds = $0.18/lb
601 - 800 pounds = $0.12/lb
801 - 1600 pounds = $0.08/lb
1601 pounds and up = $0.04/lb
Above 300 pounds consider Freight Collect. $60 to $90 flat rates for full skids anywhere but rural areas.

Suggestion: Retail Accounts I rebate mine 100%
Commercial Accounts 0%
Use Freight Collect when AMSOIL's shipping is over $80 for better value!!

Remember to subscribe to the Premium Zone and use the Catalog Customer (CR) and Preferred Customer (PC) sales reports to your advantage. Thank them and let them know you are there. See new dealers deep within your downlines and send encouragement!

If you have not visited the "Secrete" dealer area on my site please call or email me for the login so you can absorb some of the 2010 & 2011 Amsoil U presentations. My getting started word document is also in that area.

I apologize for grammatical errors but it literally takes me weeks to finish one newsletter. Generally I am interrupted an average of 20 times per paragraph so you could imaging the frustration and focus needed to stay on track but this business works if you dare to work it so it's worth it! The worst thing you can do as an AMSOIL dealer is nothing!

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers and remind me to add your new ones!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse