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Haiti is believed to be the most culturally rich country in the Caribbean. It is culturally diverse, artistic , filled with history dating from 4,500 years ago and above all breathtakingly beautiful.  Come and experience this deeply compelling destination for yourself.  Experience it  at www.experiencehaiti.org or email info@experiencehaiti.org 
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SAK PASE | What's Happening (Spotlight)

Article on Haiti wins best article in a "national newspaper" category on the Caribbean at CTO Media Awards 2014 at the World Travel Market in London


The Caribbean Tourism Organisation presented the award for best article in national newspaper on the Caribbean to Ian Thomson, author of the book "Bonjour Blanc" and journalist of the article "Haiti Rising" at the recently concluded CTO Media Awards 2014. The article appeared on the cover of the Telegraph Newspaper and into two additional pages on the 27th July 2014

SA K AP FET BO ISIT? | What's happening here (UK)

Raising standards in health and safety in Haiti
The Ministry of Haiti is working with ABTA Health and Safety to bring all their tourism stakeholders up to world  safety standards. Destination Services Manager, Angie Hill will be in Haiti from the 03 December undertaking the following training programs; safety training for hotels, transportation safety for DMC's and transportation companies and crisis management for government and stakeholders.

Haiti Slave Revolution - BBC Radio 4
Melvyn Bragg and his guests discussed the Haitian Revolution on Radio 4. In 1791 an uprising began in the French colonial territory of St Domingue. Partly a consequence of the French Revolution and partly a backlash against he brutality of slave owners, it turned into a complex struggle involving not just the residents of the island but French, English and Spanish forces. By 1804 the former slaves had won, establishing the first independent state in Latin America and the first nation to be created as a result of a successful slave rebellion.                                                         Listen to the full program.

Ki Nouvel Ayiti? | News from Haiti


9th Annual Port au Prince Jazz Festival

17th to 24th January 2015


The ninth Port-au-Prince international Jazz Festival in Haiti will take place from January 17 to 24 next year. Stephanie Villedrouin, Minister of Tourism, Haiti said; "The jazz festival is a golden opportunity for Haiti to welcome foreign artists on his land, who can immerse themselves in our culture, and let our special vibes inspire new melodies" . Find out more


Ian Burrell attends the Haiti rum festival

Global rum ambassador and organiser of the UK Rumfest attended the Haiti rum festival and was blown away by Haiti.The first Haitian Rum Festival was held in Port-au-Prince from 14 to 17 November 2014. 
 Ki kote ki vann vwayaj pou vizite Peyi d Ayiti?| Who is selling Haiti


HAITI now has a mix of fixed departure and tailor made tours for 2015/2016 from the UK .

Tour operators include :

  1. Undiscovered Destinations (2 tours in 2014 and 2 tours in 2015) 
  2. Interchange Worldwide (individual tours based on request) 
  3. G Adventure (5 tours for 2015) 
  4. Destination Haiti  (individual tours)
  5. Exodus  (5 tours in 2015 and 6 tours in 2016) 
  6. Wild Frontiers (2-3 tours in 2015) 
  7. Steppes Travel - (individual tours on request)
 Pawol Kreyol| Creole Words or Sayings


Here are few Kreyol sayings to help you get comfortable and enjoy the culture.


Sa k Pase -   What's happening 

Non, mesi -  No, thanks

n'ap boule - Doing good 

de ryen -       You're welcome


 Bon Gou Peyi| Taste of the country

Banan peze

From the french "Banane pesée" which means "pressed banana" is 

the Kreyol name for this fried plantains banana dish,  they're also commonly known as "tostones" or "pantacones" in many Latin american and Caribbean countries.  In Haitian cuisine it is usually served as a side with the popular Haitian meal called "Griot" but they are also great as an appetizer or a snack.

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