Issue 1, August, 2014
FSC Executive Director
Suzann Stewart

Dear FSC Friends and Family, 


I hope you will enjoy and share our first VOICES newsletter. 


Each month we will be focusing on the talent and energy that help make FSC services meaningful and relevant for survivor success. Our professional team provides protection, hope and healing to thousands of Tulsa area families. Our collective impact makes a healthier and more prosperous community. Many thanks to everyone who is "lifting up their voice" to help stop generational family violence!


- Suzann Stewart, Executive Director, Family Safety Center



"I thought it would be all battered wives, 
but ... it's battered everybody." 
- Family Safety Center Volunteer David Cover, part of the FSC Tulsa Team

David began volunteering at the Family Safety Center in October of 2013 shortly after the move downtown. He had read an article in the Tulsa World about the increased need for volunteers at FSC, so he contacted RSVP about volunteer opportunities in August of that year. 

A retired employment attorney at Chevron Corporation in San Ramone, California, David has been in Tulsa since June, 2012. He and his spouse Christopher recently hosted a wonderful party for Family Safety Center volunteers and staff at their beautiful midtown Tulsa home. David says he loves Tulsa, but is sometimes frustrated that he can't get a bottle of wine in the grocery store. Or anywhere on Sunday for that matter!

David shadowed the late Larry Cox when he first started, who was an inspiration to David in carrying on and embracing an advocacy role. David currently conducts client danger assessments, safety planning and assistance in preparation of Emergency Protective Orders. FSC is in many ways like a hospital emergency room. DV victims can seek triage services any time during FSC's hours. One of David's frustrations as an advocate is that he doesn't always know what happens to clients after he assists them.

David says one of the most difficult parts about volunteering at the FSC is seeing what people go through. "There are limits to what we can do," says Cover. "I've seen homeless kids ... it's a very different world than what I'm used to." 

"I see people with more money who have more choices, but not everybody who comes through here is a victim of poverty, they just don't know where to turn. DV hits every income level, men and women, same-sex partners. And one thing I hadn't even considered is the number of people I've seen come through here who are having to deal with a child abusing them, sons or daughters over 18 either using drugs or some other form of elder abuse. I thought it would be all battered wives, but ... it's battered everybody."


"I find the concept of FSC very impressive. With all the resources available, you can get the sheriff, police, forensic nurse, master teacher and so much more. It says a lot about the planning and development of the FSC and the people who staff and support it."


Christopher Sellars, FSC Operations Manager Darcy Melendez, and 
FSC volunteer David Cover celebrate FSC staff and volunteers.

"There is 
a light at the end of the tunnel. 
A rainbow shall appear."

- FSC Tulsa team member and DV Survivor Gale Blake

Gale Blake is a survivor of domestic violence and also a dedicated volunteer at the Family Safety Center. She's been a volunteer for two months and loves every minute of it.
FSC volunteer Jan Boyd and her service dog, Missy visiting the FSC.

FSC volunteers are our lifeblood.

- How many volunteers work at FSC per week?


We average between 10-15 volunteers per week. There are various needs and support roles that volunteers fill at FSC ... advocacy, self-sufficiency, reception/intake and administrative (legal, forensic nursing and FSC statistics and management).


- How many more volunteers does FSC have now as compared 

to this time last year?


This is a 3-fold increase from a year ago.


- What percentage of FSC's volunteers are survivors?


Only a few. Many survivors want to give back through volunteerism, but it is difficult to keep strong emotions in check ... in Pandora's Box so to speak ... Some of our survivors do better with a little distance from front-line victim support ... others thrive on being able to directly help an individual and/or family.


- What percentage of FSC's volunteers are retired?


Several of our volunteers are retired. RSVP is a wonderful, long-time partner who identifies/recruits very talented and compassionate volunteers to help FSC clients. We have pulled together a diverse, experienced and energetic team! We have picked up 2 Senior NSU BSW students for a 2-semester practicum that will start in August. We also have students from OSU-Tulsa and ORU programs actively engaged. One of our summer interns attends Howard University in Washington DC.


- How many volunteer hours did FSC have from 2013-2014? 


In 2013 we had a total of 987 volunteer hours. Year to date in 2014 we have booked 721 volunteer hours and are on track to far surpass our 1,000 hour goal.


- How many hours on average do FSC volunteers work per week?


We recommend that volunteers work 6-8 hours per week max, one to two days weekly. We avoid burn-out by suggesting limited hours. This is emotionally taxing but highly rewarding work. We need fresh and clear heads with open hearts and smiles to best help the survivors seeking our services.


Contact Darcy Melendez at or 918-574-2901 to volunteer!

Family Legal Issues Lunch and Learn Series

FSC hosts a monthly series of meetings designed to bring awareness, understanding and solutions for domestic violence survivors about civil legal actions and proceedings. The meetings feature brief, expert presentations providing time for questions and answers. Register by calling 918-742-7480 or 918-574-2901. 
Thursday, August 14, 12 noon - 1 p.m.
Topic: Child Support
- Role of Oklahoma Child Support Services
- How do I get my child support?
- What happens if the other parent does not pay?
- Do I have to open a child support case?
- What if the other parent is in prison?
- Does visitation affect child support?
Thursday, September 4, 12 noon - 1 p.m.

Topic: Family Court Process

- What is a Parenting Plan Conference?
- Where can I find legal advice?
- Where can I find the paperwork for filing?
- What are the fees?
- Do I have to take parenting classes?
- How does a protective order affect my case?

Volunteer-U Training (Location in FSC Conference Room or Courtroom)
Thursday, August 21: Courtroom Advocacy 
Friday, August 29: TMM Volunteer Chaplaincy (New)
Friday, September 26: FSC Orientation
Friday, October 17: Advocacy and Crisis Counseling
Thursday, November 6: Courtroom Advocacy
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month AND October 9, 2014 marks the one-year anniversary of FSC's move to our beautiful new facility in downtown Tulsa! Please join us for our anniversary celebration at our location at 600 Civic Center.


 FSC Mourns the loss of beloved volunteer Larry Cox


We are grieved at the loss of Larry Cox, one of our most beloved volunteers here at the FSC.  Larry was an avid advocate and dedicated to making sure all the survivors with whom he interacted experienced the compassion and caring listener, advisor and role model.  Larry had to stop his volunteer work in April, and we were all sad his health kept him from doing work he loved. Larry will be missed by all of us! He was a very special man.



J. Lawrence (Larry) Cox, 76, passed away peacefully Tuesday, July 08, 2014 at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Larry was born March 24, 1938 to Robert and Charlotte Cox in Kansas City, Missouri, the oldest of two children. He graduated from Shawnee Mission High School in 1956 and Kansas University with an MBA in 1961.


Larry had a long, distinguished career in the printing industry with Eastman Kodak and Case Hoyt Printing in Rochester, NY. He and his family relocated to Tulsa in 1982 where he was President and CEO of PennWell Printing Company. He led PennWell for 15 years until his retirement in 1997. Larry loved to spend time with family and friends, reading, mentoring and volunteering with various organizations.


Larry is survived by his second wife, Sharon; son, Andy (Amy)Cox; daughters Heather (Gordon)Smith, Pam Ashworth; grandchildren, Michael, Jessica, Nick, Elijah, Kristin, Patrick, Alex, Janet, Kaylee, Colton, Connor, Krista, Madelynn, Maggie, Sophia and Keller; great-grandchildren Kinley and Zoey; sister, Cindy (Ken) Cramer; and numerous nieces and nephews. Larry is predeceased by his parents and his first wife, Alice.


In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Deborah Brown Community School, 2 South Elgin Avenue. Tulsa, OK 74120.



FSC is proud to be a Regional Training Center Partner of the National Family Justice Center Alliance!

Seated (L to R) Suzann Stewart/FSC, Casey Gwinn/NFJCA, Lynn Jones/FSC  

Standing (L to R) DeLynn Fudge/District Attorneys Council, Sgt. Stephanie Jackson/TPD Family Violence Unit, 

Elaine Thompson/DVIS, Janet Chappell/TPD SANE Nurse, Julie Goree/Attorney, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, 

Sgt. Mark Mears/TPD Sexual Assault Unit, Kim Clark/DVIS, Director of Legal Services, 

Wayne Pauley/TCSO, Deputy Sheriff

FSC is really proud to share a great moment with our friends and partners. National Family Justice Center Alliance CEO Casey Gwinn, FSC Board Chair Lynn Jones, and FSC Executive Director Suzann Stewart signed an MOU naming FSC as a Regional Training Center Partner of the NFJCA! Our signers were joined by DeLynn Fudge of the DAC, and partner agency staff during the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council SART Advanced Team Training held in Norman. 

One of only two (New Orleans is the first) so-named MOU partners, Tulsa is really excited for the recognition offered by the NFJCA of best practices and principles in serving our clients. 

Congratulations to all the partner agencies and their staff who make the great work of the FSC a reality!

Family Safety Center
600 Civic Center, First Floor Police Courts Building
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
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