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January 7, 2014
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JIA Adopts a New Master Plan for Jekyll Island State Park
On December 16th, the JIA Board of Directors adopted a new Master Plan for Jekyll Island State Park. Chief among the important features of the Master Plan is a proposal to replace of the long-standing state law restricting development to 35% of the land area of Jekyll Island that lies above water at mean high tide with a new statute limiting development to 1,675 acres, which is 78 acres larger than the existing footprint of the island's developed areas.


In justifying the proposed legislation, the Master Plan cites the inherent difficulty in accurately determining the percentage of Jekyll's vast tidal marshland that is above water at mean high tide and thus subject to the 65-35 formula. For insights into the nature of this problem, click here.

The negative impact of the public controversy regarding the JIA's application of the 65-35 law is also cited by the Master Plan as a reason for adopting a fixed acreage approach to limiting future development of Jekyll Island.

For IPJI's overview of the new Master Plan, click here.

 Change Is in the Wind for the Jekyll Island 4-H Center
On March 29, 2013, the JIA announced a $12 million renovation of the property that has housed the Jekyll 4-H Center since 1979. The new facility will be renamed the Jekyll Island Children and Youth Center and will be operated by the JIA. Various groups will be allowed to rent the facility, each being responsible for planning and conducting their activities and programs while at the site. The State 4-H Club will be allowed to continue to conduct programs at the renovated facility.


The 4-H Center recently celebrated its 35thyear of Environmental Education on Jekyll Island and the one millionth student to go through their program.

As we await details on how the new Children and Youth Center will accommodate the existing 4-H program as well as additional programs, the Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island would like to invite you to share your 4-H experience with us.
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(Source - Jekyll Island Museum)
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