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10 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom
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Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling is a family owned design/build company serving Mid Missouri since 1976. From the beginning we have worked with our clients to build a Tradition of Trust.
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Is your bathroom too small and crowded? We have some great remodeling ideas that can help increase the space in your bathroom, without adding any square footage. Not only that, your bathroom will look more spacious and luxurious. Check out our ten tips below!
Remodeling with KH&R


Wow, it's already September! Mizzou is obviously back in session. The student traffic can be a little crazy this time of year. My two girls are back in school and we are already swamped with homework and sports. It seems odd, but just the other day Micki and I talked about Thanksgiving. Are holidays really that close? We were talking about whose house we were going to go to, or were people coming over to our home? How many people were coming, and where would we put them?


This time of year is always fun for us here at KH&R. We are working with people to renovate their kitchen or bath before the holidays; or create more room for all those delightful family members by adding on to their home. This is an exciting time; some clients have thought about a remodel for so long and are ready to say, "This is the year that we remodel!" There is a lot of anticipation and excitement through the planning process; seeing different design possibilities and the creative options. Then going SHOPPING! This can be overwhelming if you are thrown out there and are just left to figure it out on your own. Thankfully, our clients get to relax and have fun; while I play Vanna White and show them different possibilities. The design/decorating decisions can be a lot to handle without a process; with a process it becomes FUN!

As the summer draws to a close and we celebrate Labor Day, I look back on the home remodels we've been blessed to be a part of. We have worked with a lot of really great people this year and continue planning exciting projects. If there is ever anything that you are thinking about doing with your home, please call and we will see how much fun we can have!

Talk with you soon!
Cale J Kliethermes


Ten Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

Your bathroom may be small, but it can live large--even with no additional square footage. New space-saving products, as well as some clever design techniques, will influence your perception of space. You will experience your bathroom as more spacious than it actually is. In addition, your tiny bathroom can have the stylish look of a much larger spa-like bathroom.  


1. Add depth with color. Choose light, cool neutrals and pastels. These color tones recede from the eye, optically enlarging the space. Dark shades advance towards the eye, shrinking the space visually. Avoid elaborate patterns, since they can overpower a small room.  

2. Increase visual height. Using the same material and color for floor and wall tiles helps move the eye up the wall, rather than stopping at the bottom edge of the room. Installing tile in a vertical pattern or painting vertical stripes on the wall can give the feeling of a taller room. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to create the illusion of a taller bathroom.

3. Scale down the vanity. Install a smaller furniture-style vanity, a floating vanity, or a pedestal sink to optimize the space. For additional storage, choose a vanity with drawers or mount a mirrored cabinet above. If the corners of the vanity get in the way, select a style with rounded edges.

4. Minimize the shower door. Select a frameless glass shower door or shower screen to enhance your view, making the room feel larger. A shower screen, sliding shower door or rolling door have the advantage of requiring no clearance in the room.

5. Expand the shower enclosure. If you use a shower curtain, switch from a straight rod to a curved one. It can add up to seven inches of elbow room while you are showering.  

6. Reduce clutter with niches. Clutter makes a bathroom appear smaller and hinders the smooth functioning of the space. Wall niches reduce clutter by keeping towels, soaps, and bottles out of the way, while taking up no extra space in the room.

7. Upgrade the toilet. New compact models take up less room and are more efficient than older toilets. Some compacts offer the comfort of elongated seats. Another option is a wall-mounted toilet that saves space since the tank is mounted inside the wall.

8. Illuminate the room. A well-lit bathroom will appear larger than a darkened room. If possible, capture natural light during the day by installing windows, skylights or tubular skylights. Layer the artificial lighting in the room, using a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting, to brighten up dark corners.

9. Reflect with mirrors. Install generously-sized mirrors because of their light-enhancing and reflective qualities that visually open up a small bathroom.

10. Create a focal point. Include one especially eye-catching item, whether it is a stunning light fixture or an exquisite vanity. This area of interest will draw attention away from the size of your bathroom.

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