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Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling is a family owned design/build company serving Mid Missouri since 1976. From the beginning we have worked with our clients to build a Tradition of Trust.
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It is that time of year when lounging on your backyard deck with a cold drink in hand sounds about perfect. From this location you can delight in the beauty of your natural surroundings. Learn below how a cable railing or glass railing helps you enjoy your beautiful backyard even more.
Summertime with KH&R


I hope you are having a great summer! Our whole KH&R team has been enjoying fishing, biking, gardening, and traveling (see our Facebook page for current photos) but most importantly we're enjoying serving our clients' remodeling and custom home dreams.


We have seen a positive turn in the remodeling economy with homeowners excited about improving the comfort of their homes. A few of the projects in design/build are pocket doors to window replacements, room additions, screen porches, patio extensions, custom home design and home repair.  We have added Greg Andrulot to our KH&R production team to assist the Project Managers and polish his skills to manage future remodels. He brings experience in framing, drywall, tile installation, deck building and general carpentry and we are excited to have him on our team.


From all of us here we hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer and we hope you give us a call when you want to make your home dreams a reality!


Cale J Kliethermes 


A Clear View from Your Deck 

Warm weather and sunny skies will often motivate homeowners to get outside and spend more time on their backyard decks and balconies. Taking in the picturesque views can be very relaxing and refreshing. 


If the spectacular view from your deck is obstructed by the railing and its balusters, however, you might become frustrated. Craning your neck to peek between the balusters is not relaxing. For this reason, you may want to consider a cable rail or glass rail system for your deck. A cable or glass railing is so subtle, it is practically invisible. 


At one time, these kinds of rail systems were specified exclusively for commercial establishments, but today their popularity extends to residences as well. You will discover that once installed, these clean, unobtrusive rail systems provide both safety as well as a fashionable look for your home--without blocking the scenery. Also, the railing may be built with a variety of wood or metal post-and-rail components. This provides the flexibility that allows the railing to coordinate with your home's architectural style, whether traditional or modern or anything in-between.


Cable railings

utilize a number of slender stainless steel cables that are installed horizontally or vertically within a rigid wood, aluminum or steel frame under very tight tension. Once the cables are installed, proper tension should prevent a 4" sphere from passing between them. If the frame of an existing wood railing is sufficiently sturdy, cables can be retrofitted. Residential building codes in certain area do not allow horizontal cable, and in these cases, be sure to choose vertical cable. 


It is advisable to select a corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel for the cable. Some of the advantages of a high-quality stainless steel cable railing are strength, durability, and weather resistance. Unlike wood, the cable does not need to be stained or repainted; it will not rot or crack. Routine cleaning is suggested in order to maintain the appearance.

Glass railings consist of tempered glass panels that are fitted between sturdy wood or steel posts. The glass panels may also be given the extra support and protection of a top and bottom rail. Like cable railings, glass railings also offer a stylish, yet discreet look for your home and a clear view of your magnificent backyard. An extra benefit of glass railings is that they provide wind protection. Using tinted glass can help reduce glare on bright days. The glass panels may need to be cleaned more often than cable, but like cable they do not ever need to be stained or repainted. 

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