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Happy 4th of July!
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This year Moen, Inc. celebrates the 75th anniversary of the invention of the single-handle faucet. How different your experience in the kitchen and the bath would be without that invention! Keep reading for an update on the latest faucet innovations that can change your life for the better as well.
Happy 4th of July! 


Happy 4thof July! This is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I remember being on the farm with my cousins or around a lake with family and friends shooting off fireworks (I was as safe as any boy would ever be). This was a time we could get together as a family--ours is quite large--and be outside enjoying nature and each other. It has always meant that summer is in full swing!   


I also love celebrating the birth of our great nation! Remembering a time over 200 years ago when people put their lives on the line to create the United States of America... to me it's absolutely mind-blowing what these folks did. I am so proud to call myself an American and I am equally proud to have served this country in the greatest military branch EVER: the United States Marine Corps (anyone else who has served knows that we all like to say that about our branches!) I have always considered it an honor to have been able to put on that uniform that so many people have worn before me and serve this amazing country!


This 4th of July I encourage you to take a moment and think of the people who allowed us to achieve the freedoms that we can sometimes take for granted.


Cale Kliethermes


Faucet Innovations

Many years ago, every sink had a separate tap for hot water and another for cold. And so it happened that in 1937 Al Moen accidentally scalded himself as he washed his hands under a steamy hot water tap. It was this incident that inspired him to create the single-handle faucet that mixes hot and cold water together as it flows from the spigot. His invention was the basis for founding Moen, Inc., and it eventually transformed the American home.  


Since then, the faucet has been continually reinvented as manufacturers strive to provide homeowners with even greater convenience and functionality. According to the 2014 National Kitchen and Bath Design Trend Report, the following recent innovations are gaining favor with consumers around the country:


1. Pull-down and pull-out faucets currently dominate the market, over standard kitchen faucets. These types of faucets conveniently combine the functions of a single-handle faucet with that of a high-pressure sprayer. The pull-down variety features a high-arc design with a faucet head that pulls straight down into the sink. This arrangement simplifies the filling of pitchers or tall cooking pots in the sink. On the other hand, a pull-out faucet has a lower profile, making it the best choice in situations where faucet height must be limited, such as under cabinets. The faucet head pulls out toward the user, making it easier to fill pots on the counter next to the sink.


2. Touchless and touch-activated faucets are expected to grow in popularity this year, at the expense of standard faucets. These technologically advanced faucets make it convenient to start and stop the flow of water when your hands are too messy to use the handle. Touchless faucets activate the flow of water when they identify thatyour hands are in the proximity of a sensor. Touch-activated faucets start the flow of water when you touch or tap anywhere on the spout or handle, using your wrist or forearm, etc. Some faucets provide both touchless and touch-activated functionality.


3. Water-saving faucets were specified by almost 40 percent of kitchen and bath designers this year, and it is expected that the market will continue to expand in 2014. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the WaterSense program to assist consumers in selecting faucets that flow at a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute. WaterSense labeled faucets can reduce a sink's water flow by 30 percent or more from standard flow of the 2.2 gallons per minute, without sacrificing performance. It is estimated that billions of gallons could be saved nationwide each year by retrofitting sink faucets with models that have earned the WaterSense label.

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