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Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling is a family owned design/build company serving Mid Missouri since 1976. From the beginning we have worked with our clients to build a Tradition of Trust.
We specialize in the design/build process, which is a unique process that offers creative solutions for kitchen, bathroom, entertaining areas, outdoor living spaces or additional space for a growing family. We are with you every step of the way.
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Did you know that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed builders from across the country on what features they will most likely include in a typical single-family home in 2014? As could be expected, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, low-E windows, a laundry room and a great room are all near the top of the list.

More surprisingly, another winning element is a front porch! If you want to know why a front porch is such a huge trend these days--and why you may want to add one to your home--keep reading.
May is the month to celebrate!     

May is the month when we get to celebrate!  It is National Remodeling Month. There are many reasons why we love remodeling, but most of all it is because of the clients that we work with. To get to work with folks on such a personal level as their home is truly such a blessing. We couldn't be more thankful for all of the friends we have worked with over the years. We are constantly looking at how we can better serve our homeowners and what we can do to make their experience the greatest that they could imagine.


I recently finished my CGR (Certified Graduate Remodeler) designation. The CGR designation is really important to me because it is a litmus test for remodelers. From my experience of remodeling and from my experience in business I was able to get credit for most of the areas the CGR covers. I did end up taking three different classes from Chicago to Las Vegas in order to complete my certification.Through these classes I was able to learn even more about my business and what I could do to further benefit everyone we were able to serve. The CGR certification won't teach you how to be a remodeler, but it will teach you how to improve on the skill you already have.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve and grow within our service, from great business practices to new and innovative designs. There is never a time to stop growing and learning in any industry. In the homebuilding industry they say that nearly 100 new products are introduced into the market each year and that is a lot to keep up on! Whether it is learning about how to improve our services or it is modifying the business, we are doing it so we can better serve our clients /friends. I am excited for National Remodeling Month and I am also excited for warmer weather and enjoying everything we can about our homes. Have an amazing May!

The Front Porch is Back

During the last few decades, the front facade of most new suburban homes was dominated by a garage. This placement of the garage was convenient for homeowners who wanted to quickly enter their homes after work and put all the noise and confusion of the day behind them. If they wanted to spend time outside, they went to their private deck or patio out back. Family life centered around the backyard.


Today's families are happily rediscovering the advantages of the front porch. A front porch provides opportunities for people to meet and connect with their neighbors, often developing meaningful relationships. These shared experiences tie neighborhood families together and help create a sense of community.


Friendship with one's neighbors and pride in the surrounding community are important factors in maintaining public safety, since homeowners who are engaged in their neighborhoods tend to keep a watchful eye on their streets. Many city governments have noticed this phenomenon and have modified their setback rules to encourage the building of front porches on new and existing homes.

Homeowners also enjoy having a choice about where they can spend their time outdoors. Even those who have an impressive outdoor living space in their backyards will often add a front porch to their existing homes. On the front porch they can interact with their neighbors, while in the backyard they relax comfortably with their closest friends. Once a front porch is added to their homes, some homeowners end up spending the majority of their time there, just so they do not miss out on what is going on in their neighborhoods!

Another important aspect of a front porch is that it enhances the curb appeal of a home. Instead of the emphasis being on the home's garage and the hurried lifestyle that often represents, a front porch evokes nostalgic thoughts of a slower-paced, friendlier time. A home appears more welcoming when a front porch is added on.


A well-designed porch requires thoughtful planning in order to offer valuable and attractive living space. If the porch is too narrow, it will become a mere decorative accessory. It should be large enough to allow ample furnishings and still permit people to move about comfortably. The porch should be raised at least 24 inches from the level of the sidewalk to provide a sense of privacy from the street, and designed with a gentle slope to run off rainwater.


When a front porch is added to an existing home, it is important that it coordinate with the architectural style of the home. The proportion and scale of the columns and balustrades should be considered. Many new, easy-care vinyl or wood-composite products are available as an alternative to the traditional wood planks, balusters and railings that require regular maintenance.

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