RAHI Review
Issue # 3
January 2013
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RAHI Deadline
Rural Student Services
James Sears
Sarah McCarr
Rainy Diehl
Brianna Kirk
Billy Westlock
Raina Saxton
Stephanie (Marks) Weter
Panteleimon Askoak
Charlotte (Alexander) LaRue

RAHI 2013

May 28-July 12, 2012

Deadline to apply

March 1, 2013


We invite all RAHI Alum to send current information to share with other alum including new degrees, updated addresses, emails, babies, marriages etc.

Please send your information to
Renee Pike at brpike@alaska.edu.




Applications must be received by our office no later than

MARCH 1, 2013
UAF Scholarship Opportunities

Last year UAF awarded over $1 million to students from more than 350 privately funded scholarships. 


Apply at uaonline.alaska.edu. The deadline is February 15, 2013.


Contact the Scholarship Coordinator at 474-6228 or by e-mail at scholarships@uaf.edu.




Summer Research Training Institute for 

American Indian and Alaska Native Health Professionals

  • Designed to meet the needs of professionals who work in diverse areas of American Indian and Alaska Native health
  • Scholarships available 
  • June 10 - June 27, 2013
  • Portland, Oregon
  • www.npaihb.org/training/narch_training
Rural Student Services
Are you interested in coming to UAF? Need information on how to apply for college?
Give Rural Student Services a call at
James Sears (Point Hope, RAHI '88)
Click here to link to article in Anchorage Native News, August/September 2012 describing James Sear's role in developing the Valley Native Primary Care Center in Wasilla.



Sarah McCarr (New Stuyahok, RAHI '03)



Sarah McCarr, sent news that she attended the Canadian Aboriginal Mining Association meetings November 18 - 20 in Toronto. 

Click here for a full report. 



Rainy Diehl (Aniak, RAHI '98)
Rainy is Physical Therapist in Anchorage
Brianna Kirk (Noatak, RAHI '12) 

UAF Lady Nanook. Even as a student there is fun to be had.
Greg Owens approves of the bow tie.
Billy Westlock (Emmonak, RAHI '07)

Enjoying life with his little girl.

Raina Saxton (Barrow, RAHI '05)


Raina was recently promoted to Employment Recruiter for ASRA Energy Services
Stephanie (Marks) Weter (Galena, RAHI '97)

Stephanie is nearly finished with her Masters in Education and expects to graduate in May.
Panteleimon Askoak 
(Russian Mission, RAHI '08)
Ponty working hard in the Army as well as having fun at what he does.

Charlotte (Alexander) LaRue 
(Fort Yukon, RAHI '92)
Charlotte was married to Ben LaRue December 2012.