RAHI Newsletter
Issue # 2
December 2012
In This Issue
Rachel Gulanes
Nicole Fennimore
Adrienne Tveit
Samantha Ervin
Keane Richards
Michael Kowalski
Jonathan Richar
Monika Kunat
Wayne Don
Nick Schmidt
Brianna Kirk

RAHI 2013

May 28-July 12, 2012

Deadline to apply

March 1, 2013


We invite all RAHI Alum to send current information to share with other alum including new degrees, updated addresses, emails, babies, marriages etc.

Please send your information to
Renee Pike at brpike@alaska.edu.




Scholarship Opportunities
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program
  • Up to $7,500
  • Must be planning a career in science, mathematics, or engineering
  • GPA 3.0 and top fourth of class
  • Deadline: January 4, 2013   
  • www.uaf.edu/goldwater 
  •  website link 

Summer Research Training Institute for

American Indian and Alaska Native Health Professionals

  • Designed to meet the needs of professionals who work in diverse areas of American Indian and Alaska Native health
  • Scholarships available 
  • June 10 - June 27, 2013
  • Portland, Oregon
  • www.npaihb.org/training/narch_training/
  • website link 

Rachel Gulanes (Unalaska, RAHI '12) 

From: Spirit of Youth News Fall 2012 

Rachel represented Alaska on a panel with the U.S. Surgeon General addressing tobacco use by youth. She also leads tobacco prevention efforts with a statewide youth coalition andstudent governments.  (rachgulanes@gmail.com)


Nicole Fennimore (Galena, RAHI '09)
Nicole is attending Griffith University during the school year 2012-2013 in Brisbane, Australia.
Adrienne Tveit (Kodiak, RAHI '96) 

Congratulations to Adrienne for passing the BPS exam. She is currently a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. (a_tveit@hotmail.com)

Samantha (Smith) Ervin (Northway, RAHI '95)

Samantha earned her doctorate of Pharmacy in May 2012. (samjensmi@yahoo.com)

Keane Richards (Kandik River, RAHI '06-'07)


Keene and his family are moving to Minnesota for graduate school in Mankato. Keene intends to pursue a degree in experiential education.(ksralaska@gmail.com)
Michael Kowalski (Fairbanks, RAHI '09)
Michael recently completed ground school and he is finishing his degree in Aviation Management. He is engaged to Coralie Anita Stephens. 

Jonathan Richar (Trapper Creek, RAHI '02)

Jonathan earned his PHD in Fisheries at UAF in Fall 2012.  (jirichar@alaska.edu)

Monika Kunat (Gustavus, RAHI '06)
Monika was accepted into the University of Wroclaw, Poland! She headed to Poland in October 2012 to study abroad. (mkunat@gmail.com)

Wayne Don ( Mekoryuk, RAHI '89)

Wayne was recently promoted to Lt. Colonel. Congratulations Wayne on your promotion. (wdon@nimacorporation.com)
Nick Schmidt (Nome, RAHI '05)

Nick is working for Northrup Grumman at Delta Junction and was recently married to Katelyn Overcasher.


Brianna Kirk (Noatak, RAHI 2012)

UAF Lady Nanook guard Brianna Kirk led the Nanooks on a 12/17/12 game at UAF. Brianna led the rebounding brigade with seven points and chipped in nine points. Read more.