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       At Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP), we believe in hard work. Everyone here works hard because we believe that hard work matters and pays off in the long-run. Funny thing about the long run though, it's never really as far as you think it is. Indeed, today we are only about two years away from our first #collegesigningday and high school graduation. As we plan for this future, we have once again engaged with Civic Builders (the development partner we worked with for Elementary School 2 and Middle School 1's facilities) to support the design and construction of a more permanent high school facility. 

BVP's Executive Director, Jeremy Chiappetta, tweeting about today's visits to schools to inspire the design of BVP's high school facility.

       A few weeks ago, a group of architects working with Civic Builders helped to kick off the high school design process by meeting with scholars, staff, and even a few parents who were able to join for a brainstorming session. By looking at images of other schools, talking about what works (and doesn't) in our current context, and literally playing with styrofoam blocks, we are another step closer to building our permanent home.

       We are incredibly grateful for partners like Civic Builders. We know that we have come as far as we have despite opposition from some because of our partners. The harsh reality is that while it's exciting to be embarking on this new project, we're doing it amidst potential budget cuts and pending legislation that could greatly impact the future of BVP. Our fight is far from done.

       Our future is dependent on the support of diligent partners willing to step forward and invest in the future of our scholars. There is still time to include BVP in your charitable contributions before the close of our fiscal year on June 30th, so we invite you to click here and give to BVP. Whether you can give a little or a lot, we would be honored to have your help. 


Jeremy Chiappetta

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BVP Parent and recent college graduate, Tracey Dann, wrote and dedicated a blog post to the teachers at BVP. The piece was featured both on her blog as well as ours, BVP Musings. 

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We have been featured!
        Earlier this month BVP was featured in an article published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review focusing on private financing for public education. The article highlights the collaborations BVP has participated in as well as how Civic Builders and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have aided in the development of facilities for BVP. Click here to read the article
       Last week BVP was also featured on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website for their Charter School Spotlight. Click here to view the feature.
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