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February 2016
Lasting Memorial to Mary Ann McClellan
Mary Ann McClellan was a member of the Advisory Board staff for 18 years, and had been a resident of Quincy for most of her 55 years of age. With this in mind, the Advisory Board staff is kicking off a campaign to raise funds to install a memorial bench for Mary Ann on the grounds near the MWRA's Nut Island facility in Quincy overlooking the ocean.

As a lasting tribute to her contributions as an Advisory Board staff member, with the support of the MWRA, the Advisory Board is accepting contributions to place the memorial bench, plaque, and tree at Nut Island.

It is our hope to dedicate the memorial in August as part of our annual field trip.

Click here for more information.

If you would like to help us make this dedication a reality please send your contribution via check made payable to "MWRA Advisory Board" to our offices at 100 First Avenue, Building 39-4, Boston, MA 02129

Note: Any unused funds will be donated in Mary Ann's name to MSPCA - an organization whose mission was very near to Mary Ann's heart.
Changes to Molybdenum Limits Move Forward
The Advisory Board has long advocated to make 100% of the pellets produced at the Fore River Pelletization Plant eligible for distribution within the Commonwealth. Up until now, MassDEP molydenum limits made this goal unattainable. To see previous Advisory Board comments or the detailed explanation of molybdenum and the science please see the Advisory Board's FY15 Comments and Advisory Board's FY16 Comments.

In line with our testimony and recommendations, MassDEP plans to propose a molybdenum sludge concentration limit of 40 ppm, which is in line with limits in other states.  MassDEP hopes to present their proposed regulatory changes to the Water Resources Commission in April.

Once the limit change has been adopted the MWRA will be able to to identify opportunities to place pellets in-state year round. This will help not only to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of pellets being shipped out of state, but also to provide a high quality, low cost product to local farms and businesses within the Commonwealth.
Adv. Board Budget Review Shifts Into High Gear
The Advisory Board will be holding its statutorily required public hearing on the MWRA's Proposed FY17 Current Expense Budget on March 17, 2016 at the John J. Carroll Administration Building (1 Lyman Place, Norwood) at 11:30 am.  Click here to see the full legal notice.

Following the public hearing will be the regularly scheduled meeting of the full Advisory Board. We are pleased to announce that the longest serving MWRA Board member John J. Carroll - for whom the building was named - will personally be providing tours of this new facility. See you on the 17th!
Thank You for Your Service!
At our monthly meeting in Lexington, The Advisory Board recognized Bill Hadley for his 22 years of service to ratepayers as a member of the Advisory Board's Executive Committee. Mr. Hadley, Director of Public Works in Lexington will be retiring in March.

Advisory Board Chairman Lou Taverna thanked Bill for his 40 years of service to Lexington and his leadership as a member of the MWRA Advisory Board since 1994.

Mr. Hadley praised MWRA staff for the incredible work they have done in cleaning Boston Harbor and providing MWRA communities with the best drinking water in the country. He also acknowledged his colleagues on the Advisory Board and Advisory Board staff for their watchdog role over the MWRA.

Bill you will be missed! Enjoy your retirement.
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