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  December 2014

Changes to the MWRA Board of Directors

The 11-member MWRA Board of Directors will have at least three new members for 2015.    

At the December Board meeting MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey wished Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Maeve Bartlett well and thanked her for her years of service in the environmental arena and City of Boston representative Brian Swett for his commitment to environmental ideals.     

Additionally, with gubernatorial appointee Joel Barrera being tapped as Governor-Elect Baker's Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Barrera will likely leave the Board as well.  Congratulations to Mr. Barrera on his new position.  

The Advisory Board wishes to thank all three members for their service on the Board.  

Who are the longest continuously serving members on the MWRA's Board of Directors?  Click here to reveal the answer.
Thank You Vivienne!

When the MWRA first opened its doors at One Center Plaza nearly 30 years ago, one of the first employees that walked through its doors was Vivienne Wright.  She was actually the fourth employee.   

Vivienne's core responsibility was to find and hire the staff necessary to ensure that the MWRA accomplished its environmental mission.

Over the years, Vivienne has hired 2,588 employees (no, they are not all still here).

Board Member John Carroll makes a presentation to Ms. Vivienne Wright for her retirement.

Thank you Vivienne for your service to the MWRA and MWRA cities and towns.

On her retirement, Vivienne hopes to be able to find her dream house in Somerville!   (Inside joke!)


2014 Annual Water and Sewer
 Retail Rate Survey Results

For the 28th consecutive year, the MWRA Advisory Board has assembled its 2014 Annual Water and Sewer Retail Rate Survey.

In 2014, retail rates increased 3.5% from 2013 for the average annual cost of water and sewer services for a household in the MWRA service area utilizing the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) industry standard of 120 HCF (90,000 gallons).  The average cost for 2014 rose to $1,429. 

In addition, the 2014 document introduces a Stormwater Fee section (Appendix G), which highlights a developing financial challenge for municipalities in the Commonwealth and across the country. 

To access the video summary of the 2014 survey, click here.  

Thumb drives containing the 2014 survey, along with videos of each speaker from the Community Workshop on Rates and Stormwater Fees and our monthly "Green Sheet" educational videos will be mailed next week.  

Building on 2014 Successes

By Joe Favaloro, Executive Director
MWRA Advisory Board

In 2014 one of our primary goals was putting the "forgotten infrastructure" back on the radar screen, and we have made significant strides in achieving that goal.  

Along with many advocates, we successfully shepherded Senate Bill 2021, An Act Improving Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure, through the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Patrick.  

The bill places the foundation to begin addressing our statewide infrastructure needs, and, more importantly, elevated the issue to a statewide level.  

This, however, is only the start.  Even with the difficult state financial outlook in 2015, we must build upon our successes.  

It is critical to make the possibilities outlined in the 2014 Infrastructure Bill the realities of 2015.  

Simply stated, the authorization to spend money in the 2014 bill must become the appropriations of 2015 - appropriations that will increase the Clean Water Trusts contract assistance to provide 0% and principal-forgiveness loans, reimbursements for Inflow and Infiltration expenditures, 50/50 matches for communities that need MWRA water to provide their citizens ample drinking water and the ability to sustain economic growth.  

In 2015 we must also look at an additional viable, long-term funding mechanism to meet the infrastructure needs of our communities and authorities.  It will not be easy, but it is necessary.

We look forward to working with Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito.

We also will work directly with Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matt Beaton and Secretary of Economic Development Jay Ash to find ways to protect our environment and ensure economic development for the region and the Commonwealth.  

On behalf of the Advisory Board, staff thanks each of you for all of your efforts and support.  We can all be proud of everything that we have accomplished and will accomplish in 2015.  To a successful year...Happy New Year!   

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 January 15th -

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January 19th -

Martin Luther King Day

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