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July 2014
From the Beginning...
John Carroll, with members of his family, joins Governor Patrick for his swearing in ceremony for his ninth term.

John Carroll was sworn in this month for his 9th term as an Advisory Board representative on the MWRA's Board of Directors.  


John has served with distinction from the very first day the MWRA was created.   
John Carroll "By The Numbers": 
  • John has been a member of the MWRA Board of Directors for 10,220 days.
  • John has served under 7 Governors. 
  • John has served with 11 Chairmen of the Board/Secretaries of Energy and Environmental Affairs and an additional 37 other members of the Board.
  • He has attended more than 350 Board meetings.
  • He has worked with 5 Advisory Board Chairmen.
  • He has attended over 400 Executive Committee and Advisory Board meetings.
But, his most important numbers are:
  • John has 18 children, 43 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren!
In Memorium

Senator Robert Havern III

Last week, Senator Robert Havern passed away.  Bob, as he preferred to be called, served on all levels of state government, from selectman in Arlington to State Representative, and as State Senator representing Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington and Woburn.

In reality, Bob represented all of the ratepayers in all of the 60 MWRA communities.  He was a strong advocate for ratepayer relief legislation, serving as the Senate Chair of the MWRA Legislative Caucus.  

He authored the bill that allows communities to utilize a debt service exclusion, transferring debt off the water and sewer bill and onto the property tax, allowing homeowners to receive a tax deduction.  He was instrumental in the passage of the Commonwealth Sewer Relief Fund.

Bob was a friend of all ratepayers and an ardent protector of our environment.  He will be missed, but always remembered.  
Save the Date - October 16, 2014
Water/Sewer Retail Rate Workshop

As an offshoot of our Annual Water and Sewer Retail Rate Survey, staff wanted to provide a workshop to share recent developments and concepts regarding retail rates.  


Specifically, with all of the discussion surrounding Enterprise Funds, added state emphasis on establishing inclining block rate structures, and significant regulatory compliance around stormwater issues, Advisory Board staff has scheduled a workshop for Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Wellesley Free Library at 10:00 a.m.


We have invited Chris Woodcock, of Woodcock Associates, to participate in a discussion of retail water and sewer rates. For instance, are communities compelled by law to develop ascending block rate structures?  What can be included in an Enterprise Fund?  How can stormwater costs be recovered? These are but some of the topics that will be discussed.  


Staff suggests that you may want to extend an invitation to your CFO, Treasurer and Business Managers within your communities.  


We will be sending out formal invitations after Labor Day, but for now, spread the word and save the date.


August Field Trip Coming Up


Don't forget to reserve your space!  As you know, on August 21, we will be participating in our annual field trip.  This year we will be visiting the Spot Pond Covered Storage Tank, Gillis Pump Station and the Fresh Pond Stormwater Retention Basin.  Please click here to access the full itinerary.  See you on the 21st!


Ask The Candidates


Advisory Board staff contacted the campaigns of all candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor and invited them to respond to a questionnaire outlining their position on water and wastewater infrastructure needs in the Commonwealth. Please click here to see the responses to date. 





Upcoming Events


August - No Board or Advisory Board Meetings


August 21st - Advisory Board Field Trip


September 12th - Executive Committee Mtg - Charlestown

at 8:30 a.m.


September 17th - MWRA Board of Directors - Charlestown at 10:00 a.m.

September 18th - Advisory Board Meeting - BWSC at 11:30 a.m. 

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