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January 2014

Expansion of Inflow/Infiltration Local Financial Assistance Program


At the January 16, 2014 meeting of the MWRA Advisory Board, members unanimously approved a significant expansion of the Local Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Grant/Loan Program. Communities voted to add two additional phases at $80 million per phase.  Additionally, members voted to create sunset provisions on the grant portions of Phase 6 (FY18) and Phase 7 (FY21).


Since 1993, over $256 million has been spent through this program within our communities to fund more than 450 local I/I reduction and sewer system rehabilitation projects.

FY15 State Budget Process

On January 22, 2014, Governor Patrick unveiled his version of the FY15 State Budget.  Governor Patrick proposes a balanced budget of $36.374 billion, an increase of 4.9% over FY14.  


The Governor's budget does not include any Debt Service Assistance (DSA).  The final FY14 State Budget included $1 million for DSA.  


Next up is the House, which will file and debate their version in April, followed by the Senate in May.  Advisory Board staff will work with the MWRA Legislative Caucus to ensure that some level of rate relief is included in the final FY15 State Budget.  


Senate President Therese Murray Receives MWRA Advisory Board 

Legislator of the Year Award


MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey, MWRA Advisory Board Chair Katherine Dunphy, Senate President Therese Murray and MWRA Advisory Board Executive Director Joe Favaloro. 


For her work and dedication in furthering the conversation about water and wastewater infrastructure funding, the MWRA Advisory Board is proud to name Senate President Therese Murray as its Legislator of the Year.  


MWRA Advisory Board Names Senate President Murray Legislator of The Year
Legislator of the Year Presentation.


Advisory Board Staff Presents 

Economic Development Report

to the MWRA Board of Directors


On January 15th, Director of Communications Matt Romero and Executive Director Joe Favaloro presented an Economic Development Report to the MWRA Board of Directors.  The Advisory Board has long maintained the belief that investing in water and wastewater infrastructure has a direct economic benefit, but only had anecdotal evidence.  With that in mind, the Advisory Board contracted the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management to examine this issue and affirm this assertion.  


The Collins Center's Findings/Highlights include:

  • Report independently validates the relationship between water/wastewater investment and economic growth
  • Report asserts, in general, states get greater returns from investing in water and sewer systems than from investing in highways
  • Every $1 invested can generate up to $14 in new state and local taxes
  • Every $1 invested can generate up to $6.77 to the private economy  

In addition, the report specifically looked at local cases to determine the relationship between investment and growth.


To access the full report, please click here


  Welcome Maya!


Matt and Michael Romero have a beautiful new addition to their family - Maya Lily Joan Romero.  Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!



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