MFGA has declared May 30 as HAY DAY

Haying has started in the Eastern area for those producers looking to put up Dairy Quality hay and other areas in the province won't be far behind. 

Hay Day is the estimated day that alfalfa will reach a RFV of 170.
Past experience has shown that approximately 20 points are lost during the haying process and the time taken to get the entire crop cut, cured and baled. Silage shortens this process and therefore the quality can be higher. Grass/alfalfa mixes can and do reduce the RFV by 20-30 points depending on the % of the blend. 

Not all hay is cut for Dairy cows.
When the opportunity presents itself, taking high quality hay is a good option as it allows you to blend it with other feedstuffs to balance livestock rations and reduce dependence on supplements. Nutritionalist like to target hay in the 135-150 RFV towards dairy cows in the 1st trimester and towards dairy calves.
- The RFV hay from 125-140 is fed to the dairy cows in the last 200 days and heifers 12-18 months of age.
- Hay at 115-130 makes excellent beef cow and heifer 12-18 month old feed
- Hay at 100-115 is good for the dry cow and heifer between 18 and 24 month

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