MFGA eBulletin - June 9 2016
Manitoba's Birds Need Intact Grasslands
Major bird conservation report confirms connection between grassland loss and bird declines. A recently-released tri-nation report on the continent's bird populations has confirmed what Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) members, cattle producers, conservation groups and grassland advocates have stated for years: With the continued loss of our province's intact grassland habitats, Manitoba's native bird populations will face decline.
Don't Miss the 2016 Manitoba Hay Day! June 23 at the MBFI Farm
Attend this field day and learn how to increase the quality of your valuable hay resources. Watch infield demonstrations of new equipment from manufacturers and learn more about: * how to harvest high quality hay * fertility for optimum forage production * soil salinity * hay quality differences
Green Gold Gets a Boost Through M3 Aerial Productions Partnership 
Figuring out how drones can be properly utilized in precision agriculture is a challenge that professionals are looking to tackle from a number of different perspectives. Some growers look to service providers to showcase a UAV solution that will be a fit for them, while others are trying to define that setup for themselves. Figuring out the right fit for UAVs on the farm is a critical consideration, but how are farmers supposed to approach such things when details around what works can be difficult to track down? The just announced program partnership between Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) and M3 Aerial Productions is one that should provide the community with that exact sort of information. The program is an opportunity to bolster MFGA's Green Gold's on-ground, twice-weekly alfalfa clipping service by utilizing UAVs to make this process more efficient.

Alfalfa and Dandelions
At this time of year as we move closer to the first cut of alfalfa, dandelions can ruin the look of any hay field. When you see those yellow flowers you start to look for some method of controlling this weed. Generally dandelions in an alfalfa field are an indication of other problems. Read on.
Tips for a Successful Forage Harvest
With haying season upon us, there are a number of things we can do right, and on a timely basis, that will help make this year's harvest more successful. Here are some main points from Dan Undersander who spoke at the Great Lakes Forage and Grazing Conference, sponsored by the Michigan Forage Council on Advances in Haymaking. 
1. Take first cutting by plant height.
2. Use the widest swath possible
3. Reduce the amount of leaf loss in alfalfa.
4. Bale at the proper moisture levels to prevent mold growth and heating in storage.
5. Remove hay/haylage from the field rapidly to minimize wheel traffic damage.
NEW! Paper Option for MASC's WLPIP Policy and Pay Premiums
The Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) was introduced by MASC to Manitoba in 2014, giving livestock producers the option to insure a 'floor price' for their cattle and hogs. When WLPIP was first introduced, producers were required to purchase policies and pay premiums online with a credit card. In addition to the online process, producers can now purchase a WLPIP policy by completing a paper 'Request to Purchase' form and submitting it by email, fax, or as a photograph attached to an email. When a paper Request to Purchase form is submitted, producers can pay premiums through online banking, telephone banking, or by cheque. If a Request to Purchase form is submitted by fax or email, a confirmation notice is returned immediately by the same method and a paper confirmation is mailed the following day. Once a Request to Purchase form is submitted, a producer has up to 15 days to provide payment by cheque, online banking or telephone banking. Obtain a "Request to Purchase" form or get more info.
Product Support Kits Offer Fast Upgrades and Repairs
Whether a repair job needs to be done, or a machine would benefit from an upgrade, product support kits are certainly worth considering. A product support kit is a collection of OEM parts that comes as a single packaged unit with all of the parts needed to make a repair or upgrade, along with hardware and instruction sheets for easy repairs/ installations. Kits are usually offered as one package - one part number - and can offer savings in terms of both time and money. For farmers who do their own equipment repair and maintenance, kits give the confidence of having all of the components needed to complete a job, allowing for faster repairs. By using product support kits, machines can easily be updated to include the latest technology, boosting their productivity and their trade-in value. Check with your equipment dealer for available kits. Article provided by New Holland.
Industry Events
Manitoba Hay Day - June 23 at Brookdale MBFI Farm, Brandon, MB
Attend this field day and learn how to increase the quality of your valuable hay resources. Watch infield demonstrations of new equipment from manufacturers and learn more about: Lunch served. Registration: $10. Contact: Pam Iwanchysko 
The day will run 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Registration is limited and costs $50. Lunch and refreshments provided. School will run, rain or shine, Please dress accordingly. Book Now! For info: Program: Anatasia at 204-750-2717; Registration: Monika at 204-745-5663.
Holistic Management Open Gate LearningJuly 7 in Taber, Alberta
Holistic Management Canada's first Open Gate Learning day of the season! Certified Educator Kelly Sidoryk will be there sharing her vast knowledge of Holistic Management and ranching.
This 3 day workshop will focus on Holistic Management, mob grazing and soil health. This is a unique opportunity since it will be only the second time Ian has been in Canada. Registration is $500 US. If interested, contact Michael Thiele or 204-365-6334.
MBFI McDonald's Tour - July 26 at the Brookdale MBFI Farm in Brandon, MB
Mark your calendar! More info to follow. Call: Glenn Friesen,
Manitoba Youth Beef Round-upJuly 29-31 at Beautiful Plains Ag Society, Neepawa, MB
This event is for young cattle producers under the age of 25 years of age as of January 1, 2016. Whether you are a commercial, purebred, 4-H or new junior, you are all welcome to attend.
Inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference - Aug 9-11 in Calgary, Alberta
Supporting the National Beef Strategy, the conference provides a forum for industry engagement and learning opportunities across the beef supply chain. Keynote address by Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications and former venture capitalist on CBC's Dragon's Den. Register before June 15 for early bird pricing. 
Mark your calendars! More information to follow. Questions, contact Pam Iwanchysko,
Manitoba Open Farm Day - September 18, 2016 on farms across Manitoba
There are a record number of Manitoba farms, rural ag museums and more registered as Hosts for Open Farm Day - 48 in total! When you visit a host farm, you can see demonstrations, share stories, take tours, enjoy recreational activities, and learn more about the many Manitoba farm operations and products. 
Held at the Hotel Fairmont, the overall theme for the conference is Grass and Green in 2016 to recognize the important role of Canadian forage and grassland managers in providing significant environmental and economic benefits to Canadians from coast to coast. For more information, contact the Conference Coordinator.

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