MFGA eBulletin - Nov 6 2015
Hay Update for October
MFGA's Hay expert John McGregor summarizes the Manitoba hay situation and prices, compiled from interviews with MAFRD forage staff, forage producers and industry personnel. 
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Know Your Grass!

Grasses are the dominant plants in most forage-based enterprises throughout the world. Whether livestock graze native rangeland or tame pastures, grasses usually are the basis of the energy and nutrients for animal growth and maintenance. Knowing your forage can help you better manage it. This article provides background on how grasses grow, photosynthesize and store energy - all important things if they're going to grow and feed livestock! Read on....

Light the Way

For those who like to pack more work into each day, state-of-the art lighting solutions can substantially benefit your safety and productivity on the farm. LED (light-emitting diode) lights produce a crisp, clean bright white light, offering superior visibility and longer lifespan than other types of lights. Because LEDs use roughly one tenth as much power of an incandescent light and can last up to six times longer than an average bulb, they put less strain on the alternator and batteries, helping them to last longer, too. Investing in LED work lights will not only save you money on replacement parts and labor, but also the time and inconvenience that a failed light will cost you. New Holland offers a comprehensive range of LED work lights that can be easily installed on all types of equipment. They're compact and lightweight, corrosion-resistant, highly durable, and affordably priced. 
MFGA "on the move"... 
- Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives Committee Meeting
- Meetings with CFGA, MAFRD, University of Brandon, University of Manitoba and IISD
- Aquanty Presentations in Winnipeg. Brandon and Minot
- NCC workshop on native prairie grasses
- MFGA Board Meeting
... and "in the news"...

Industry News
2015 recipient Canadian Farmer-Rancher Pollinator Conservation Award 
The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is honoured to join the Pollinator Partnership and Canadian Forage and Grassland Association in congratulating David Ainslie as the 2015 recipient of the Canadian Farmer-Rancher Pollinator Conservation Award. The annual award collects nominations from across Canada and recognizes the contributions Canadian farmers make towards protecting our country's irreplaceable pollinators and pollinator habitats. Full news release here
Participate in survey: barriers to women in agriculture 
As part of its three-year research project,
Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agriculture, the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council is conducting a survey to examine possible barriers to women advancing to leadership roles in agriculture. Both women and men are invited to complete the 15-minute survey which will be open until November 30.
Help out with a project on producer stress 
The University of Guelph is conducting a research project on agricultural producer stress and resilience in Canada. Through an anonymous survey, it will investigate the relationship between stress and resilience, and gather important information about the mental wellness of agricultural producers in Canada. Participate in the survey.   
Read the October 2015 Agri-Food Trade Service Bulletin
A publication provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, including Trade Reports, a regional focus on Mexico, International and Canadian events, and topical issues. Read the October issue.

Upcoming Industry Events
Agri-Trade Show in Red Deer, Alberta
November 11-14
Agri-Trade has been the gathering place for over 25,000 attendees in the farm community since 1984 and is an opportunity for the next generation in agriculture to see products first-hand with over 200,000 sq. ft. of great exhibits. The show also features the Home Happenings exhibit and the Agri-Trend Stage.
Farm Women's Conference in Winkler, NB
November 15-17
This conference will feature an exciting line-up of speakers - including farm journalist and editor Laura Rance. More info.  
6th Annual CFGA Conference in Saskatoon, SK
November 17-19
The conference, held in beautiful downtown Saskatoon at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel, will explore intensive forage management systems, their impact on soil health and how forages generate ecosystem goods and services for on-farm users, exporters and the Canadian public. Visit the CFGA website for updates and further details.
Agricultural Excellence Conference in Regina, SK
November 25-27
Farm Management Canada (FMC) will host the Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx) this year, equipping industry stakeholders with the knowledge, skills and tools to seek out, assess and take advantage of opportunities to succeed within the changing global marketplace. Top notch speakers and interactive learning sessions will assist Canada's farmers in making informed decisions and taking calculated risks that both mitigate negative impacts while maximizing potential rewards. More information on the event is found here.
Western Canada Conference on Soil Health in Edmonton, AB
December 8-10
Held at the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South. Visit their website for more details.
Beef & Forage Days in various locations across Manitoba
January 11-15
An annual event hosted by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and the Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association. Contact your local GO office.
Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon, MB
January 19-21
The Manitoba Ag Days show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and North Central United States. More information here.
11th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference in Saskatoon, SK
February 16-18
The 11th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference is February 16, 17 & 18, 2016 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The program explores themes including: status, trends, threats, and issues; protection and conservation; restoration and recovery; and connecting and motivating people to wonder, care, and act. View full details here.
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