Join CoCoRaHS: A Network
of Volunteer Weather Observers!

CoCoRaHs stands for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. We are a network of volunteer "weather observers" who measure and map precipitation data - in the form of Rain Hail & Snow - from our own back yards each day (or as often as possible). Basically, you will check & measure the precipitation that fell into your Rain Gauge and report your findings online at the website. If you are on-the-go or in the field, iPhone or Android users can download the free app to their mobile devices. 

All Submissions & Data are publically available on the website, and also on an Interactive MAP. Environment Canada both supports and utilizes the data our volunteers provide. This data is filtered down to a host of End Users, like Flood & Drought Forecasters, Meteorologists, Farmers, Conservation, Hydrologists, and Emergency Response Managers ... just to name a few. 

Like the saying "Rain does not fall the same on all", precipitation can be highly localized. Severe weather events are on the rise. So too, are their intensity & impact. Having volunteers on the ground to track local conditions helps Forecasters to prepare for possible flood or drought conditions. Our province is VAST, and many gaps exist between automated weather stations where little to no reporting exists. We encourage folks to join our program and Help Us Fill In Those Gaps. 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: It's easy! For more details, or to Join Our Network, please go to: Once you register, go to the Shop CoCoRaHs store and order your Kit. Kits cost $30 + shipping and come in Metric (mm) or Imperial (inches). Training and/or full access to online training is provided. If enough interest is shown, MFGA will host training for it's members, including a draw for a rain gauge ($30 value) among participants. (Participate in our survey).

Tiffiny Taylor, Provincial Coordinator
CoCoRaHs Manitoba 
e:  or p: 204-228-0842 

 A farmer can buy the best seed and equipment out there, but it means nothing if he cannot grow or harvest it. Often times, it is the weather that determines that. 
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