MAY 2014


One of our main responsibilities is to provide investors with market intelligence and sector information in order to facilitate investment decision making. Such information is abundantly found on our website and is updated regularly. Our latest update is on the Agrofood sector, whereby a snapshot of the latest figures is featured in this issue. The Agrofood sector accounts for 13.73% of total exports and is considered the largest employer in the industrial sector. Subsequently, we have developed for you a directory on the major exporters of Lebanese agrofood products that you can contact and do business with.

On the same note, we strive to foster the growth of Lebanese companies through supporting them in accessing new markets and expanding their businesses through establishing links and partnerships with foreign companies. Consequently, we have put at the disposal of companies in the Industrial sector an exclusive access to a database of global competitive tenders and bids that they can take part in to expand their business; a service already made available to companies in the ICT sector.


I hope you will find the information useful, for any feedback please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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Nabil Itani

Chairman-General Manager



The agro-industrial sector is a major contributor to the Lebanese economy. In 2010 (latest available figures), it generated an estimated 32.1% of the industrial sector output and around 3% of the country's GDP, based on National Accounts estimates. 



  • It currently has an estimated workforce of 20,607 and accounts for 24.9% of the Industrial sector workforce
  • It is the largest employer in the industrial sector
  • Agro-food enterprises account for the largest share of industrial establishments in Lebanon, with 18.2% of enterprises - or around 736 companies - involved in agro-industrial activities
  • The sector is predominantly composed of small family-owned enterprises, employing 6 workers on average
  • Agro-food products account for 13.73% of total exports, and agro-food exports have grown in volume at an average annual rate of 12.13% from 2008 until 2013
  • The largest share of Lebanese agro-food exports is destined to the Arab Countries (excluding GCC Countries), at 51% of total exports. Syria, Iraq and Egypt rank first second and third respectively within this category. GCC Countries rank second amongst country groups and occupy around 21.3% of total exports, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE as main destinations. Africa ranks third with a share of 12.2% with Angola standing out as a top destination. Western Europe occupies the fourth place, while lower volumes are exported to North America, Asia and Australia.
  • The volume of Agro-food exports has in fact increased by 36% from 2012 to 2013. Particularly interesting is the volume of exports to the non-GCC Arab Countries which have increased by 68% on overall. Exports to Syria have increased by 50% and now constitute around 52% of total exports to Arab Countries (non-GCC), volumes exported to Iraq increased by 242%, to Egypt by 134%, and to Jordan by 18%. This indicates that while the Syrian crisis has had its share of negative impact on the Lebanese economy, it has allowed for increased demand on Lebanese products to compensate the decrease in Syrian exports in these markets.
  • Another notable trend is the increase in exports to the African market; exports to Angola for instance are nearly double the volume of exports to Jordan - the main products exported being within the beverages, spirits and vinegar category. 


For more detailed information on the Agro Food Industry, please check our updated sector factbook.
If you are a foreign investor wishing to establish business links with agrofood exporters, we have at your disposal a new Directory of AgroFood Exporters in Lebanon that you can take advantage of. 
If you are a Lebanese manufacturer and your company is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This new service has been recently introduced by IDAL and covers global tenders in the Industrial sector with emphasis on the MENA region. They will be made available and updated on IDAL's website on a bi-monthly basis. IDAL aims, through this list, to encourage internationally competitive Lebanese companies in the Industrial sector to take on new business projects and expand to new markets.


Some of the bids that you can apply to:


In Textile:

  • Al Ain City Municipality in the UAE is looking for a supplier of clothing and safety shoes
  • Dubai Health Authority is looking for a supplier of professional disposable jackets

In Print and Publishing:

  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Jordan is looking for a supplier to print its Annual Report
  • Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait is looking for a Design, Typesetting, Production and Printing of a Book.


For a full list of the bids and for further information, please visit our web page







IDAL, represented by Chairman Nabil Itani, participated at the "World Investment Meeting" organized by the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) in Istanbul from 13 to 15 May 2014, in the presence of government officials and senior representatives from the 120 investment promotion agencies from around the world. This meeting tackled topics related to investment activities, the impact on the development of investment strategies, attracting FDI and dealing with agencies work competitiveness, as well as the challenges arising from the relationship with the ministries and the governmental institutions. On the sidelines, a meeting gathered officials from eight Arab IPAs who discussed various investment issues, as well as ways of cooperation. The general assembly of the WAIPA also voted on transferring its headquarters from Geneva to Istanbul 






We took part in the first all-inclusive emigrants conference, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, held at the Hilton Hotel in Sin al-Fil. The conference brought together over 300 emigrants mainly from Europe and the Americas to discuss topics such as; the rights of the Lebanese diaspora and ways to develop connections between Lebanese residents and emigrants. IDAL got involved through its Chairman Nabil Itani in one of the sessions on ways to enhance the relationship between emigrants and their country of origin.




We took part in the Invest in the Levant conference which took place in Amman, Jordan on the 8th of May. The conference brought into focus the various opportunities present in the region across various sectors, mainly ICT, finance, and oil and gas. The wave of change taking place across this region has produced an abundance of investment opportunities in those sectors. The momentous political changes have now put the region firmly back on the radar of foreign investors keen to make returns. For a snapshot of the conference, please check the video:

FT Investing in the Levant - Highlights
FT Investing in the Levant - Highlights



The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) is the national investment promotion agency of Lebanon. Established in 1994, IDAL aims to promote Lebanon as key investment destination and attracting, facilitating and retaining investments in LebanonIDAL reports to the President of the Council of Ministers which exercises a tutorial authority over it.


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