Lupus Awareness Month 2015

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Lupus Awareness Month 

Lupus Awareness Month is the time of year when the lupus community takes time to educate their families, workplaces and neighborhoods about lupus.  Education can be as modest as emailing lupus information to your friends and family or as grand as organizing a Lupus Awareness Day at your office.  We encourage you to get creative as you raise awareness about this often misunderstood disease.

Lupus Awareness Month Activities!
May 23, 2015

Dr. Shah of Rush answers your lupus questions on Facebook!   

Ask your question now! 


May 24, 2015

Bike the Drive

Join Lupus Charity Riders! 


May 30, 2015

Dr. Nika of Rush answers your lupus questions on Facebook!  

Ask your question now! 


May 30, 2015

2nd Annual Stephanie Wetzel Charity Golf Outing

Urbana, IL

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May 31, 2015  

Northern Suburbs Lupus Walk

Register today 

Bike the Drive

Don't miss your opportunity to Bike the Drive for the Lupus Society of Illinois!

We'll provide you with a fundraising page and guide to help you achieve your goals!

Our Mission

The Lupus Society of Illinois promotes lupus awareness and complements the work of health care professionals by providing personalized resources for the lupus community while supporting research.
Lupus and Bone Health
Presented by Dr. Robert Katz

Studies have found an increase in bone loss and fracture in individuals with lupus. In fact, women with lupus may be nearly five times more likely than those without the disease to experience a fracture from osteoporosis.

Individuals with lupus are at increased risk for osteoporosis for many reasons. To begin with, the glucocorticoid medications often prescribed to treat lupus can trigger significant bone loss. In addition, pain and fatigue caused by the disease can result in inactivity, further increasing osteoporosis risk. Studies also show that bone loss in lupus may occur as a direct result of the disease. Of concern is the fact that 90 percent of the people affected with lupus are women, a group already at increased risk for osteoporosis.

Don't miss this exceptional presentation.

When: Thursday May 21, 2015, 6:30pm

A toll free teleconference number will be given out upon registration.

Registration Required
 2015 Illinois Lupus Walks!

Thanks to the 500+ participants who came out to the Southern Suburbs Illinois Lupus Walk last weekend!

The walk has brought in over $44,000 so far!  What an amazing accomplishment!

Don't miss one of the largest and most inspiring lupus events of the year!

Join us at one of our 3 remaining  events - register today!

Northern Suburbs - May 31, 2015
Western Suburbs - August 8, 2015
Chicago (Lincoln Park) - September 27, 2015

Find out MORE!
I Fight for Lupus Because...
Join the fight!  Post your own "I fight for lupus because"

Lupus Awareness Month Highlights 

Thanks to everyone who has contacted LSI for lupus awareness items and educational materials!
Highland Park Lupus Proclamation

Here are a few highlights:

Highland Park Mayor Nancy R. Rotering signs Lupus Awareness Month Proclamation! And will attend the Northern Suburbs Illinois Lupus Walk!

Dion Ervin and everyone at Hair in Motion for hosting the Lush Looks for Lupus Awareness Beauty and Fashion Show fundraiser on Sunday, May 17th.  Thanks to volunteer Kanefus Walker for representing the LSI at this event.
Callie's front page

14 year old Callie from Harrisburg set up a booth at the library and ended up on the cover of the local paper!  And got her class to dress in purple while on a trip to Washington DC! Way to go Callie!

Dr. Robert Katz's office displays posters and Lupus Awareness Month materials!  AND Dr. Katz is presenting on Lupus and Bone Health at the LSI's educational teleconference TONIGHT!

Dr. Shah from Rush University Medical Center will answer lupus questions on Facebook this Saturday!

Don't forget to let LSI know what you're doing!  You could be featured in the next Lupus Awareness Month e-Newsletter!

Contact Mary at or call her at 312-542-0002 for more.
Join LSI as we Fight for Lupus!

LSI has activities, flyers, posters, stickers and more to make this the best Lupus Awareness Month ever! 

LSI created a slide for elevators in office or apartment buildings!  See if your office can promote lupus awareness!

Take an "I fight for lupus because" selfie and post it to social media using the hashtag #LSILupusAwareness and you could win an excellent prize! (here's the sign)

On May 21st, join the Educational Teleconference on Lupus & Bone Health presented by Dr. Robert Katz. (register here)

Activities for every day in May!

And don't forget to let LSI know what you're doing!  You could be featured in the next Lupus Awareness Month e-Newsletter!

Contact Mary at or call her at 312-542-0002 for more.
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