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Nov. 18, 2014 -- SPECIAL EDITION

FALL 2015 

It is with true mixed emotions that I write the outcome of the actions of the IPS School Board meeting this evening! -Dee Duff, Editor of

The IPS Education Center conference room and hallway were filled to a standing-room-only crowd of primarily Shortridge Magnet Law & Public Policy High School and Gambold Preparatory High School students, parents, and supporters to learn the fate of these two schools beginning with the 2015-16 school year. Over 20 students from both schools made personal appeals to the Board; a like number of adults made their individual remarks for and against the relocation design plan of the IPS Board. At this meeting, only the subject of Shortridge and Gambold changes were decided after it was recommended the decisions regarding Broad Ripple and Key Learning Center would be tabled.

  Essentially, the Board voted to move the Law & Public Policy (L&PP) Magnet program at Shortridge  to Arsenal Technical High School; Gambold will move its International Baccaleurate program into the Shortridge building. There are over 700 students currently enrolled at Shortridge in grades 7-12 (approximately 300+ in grades 9-12) Those students who wish to remain in the L&PP program will be transferred to Tech. However, the Board has indicated that any students who wish to switch to the IB program are welcome to remain at Shortridge. This proposal also means students in all IPS schools who wish to consider the IB curricula and those parents/students wishing to attend an IB high school, would have the opportunity to apply for admission. The current Gambold building, which has 164 high school students, is a former smaller IPS elementary/middle school that has no space for expansion. As well, the Shortridge campus offers a wider range of school facilities lacking at the Gambold location; e.g. auditorium, gymnasium, larger classrooms, music and athletic programs, track and field, and more centrally located (Gambold is on the far westside of Indianapolis).

  As you know, for the past six years, the Shortridge Alumni Association has worked tirelessly to support and promote the L&PP program at Shortridge and fully supported by our alumni as follows to name a few:
**Thousands of dollars have been donated to our scholarship endowment. Our alumni classes have helped us promote educational excellence for the students and awarded scholarships for students of the past two graduating classes.

**Our alumni have donated thousands of dollars for the athletic and music departments.

** We've welcomed thousands of alumni back to the school for reunions; welcomed numerous special guests to learn about the school and its unique L&PP program.

**We created the Hall of Fame to honor alumni who have excelled in their business and professional careers.

**Continued the Judicial Wall of Fame recognition of alumni who rose to judicial levels of elected/appointed positions of judges in our legal system. The mock courtroom was adopted by the Class of 1965 to furnish, decorate, and name in honor of alumnus Justice William E. McAnulty, Jr. for his superior role as the Chief Justice of the State of Kentucky.

The Alumni Association realized that we might lose a portion of this battle. We've grown to love working with the students and teachers at Shortridge; we realize we can continue our student/alumni programs with a new population; we mentioned being willing to work with new administrators, teachers, parents, and students to educate them about Shortridge and our historical legacy. But we know that moving an entire student body to a new location is traumatic for all concerned. We welcome educational excellence, more parental involvement, a new student body that is diverse and committed to educational excellence. We want graduates with these qualities to be future Shortridge alumni, but at what expense?

  Also we learned tonight: The Board recommends moving the courtroom to Tech! The Class of 1965 is responsible for that room. The portraits of the alumni that decorate the walls of the courtroom are SHORTRIDGE ALUMNI -- NOT TECH! Furnishings in the room were a gift from The Class of 1965. They petitioned and won approval of the IPS School Board for naming rights to that room. Before this action step is taken, we will make our displeasure known with this proposed decision and attempt to find a compromise. 

Stay tuned - we may be just beginning a new battle.

It is certain that we will focus our time, talents, and attention to make this remaining school year as fun-filled as possible for the students inspite of the tears that were shed after the meeting tonight.
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Alfred "Al" Edyvean - '68 - President
Jarnell Burks-Craig - '63 - VP, Public Relations
Keith Rand - '70 - VP, Marketing & Development/Fundraising
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Joseph Matthews - '81 (Decade of the '80s)
Board appointments:
Consultant/SHSAW Founder - Guy E. Russell - '59
Parliamentarian - Grant Hawkins - '67
SMHS Administrators
Stanley Law, principal:
Debra Ward , vice principal 



Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Dee Duff

Deloris "Dee" (Richardson) Duff
Treasurer & Editor, NewsBriefs
President Emeritus
Shortridge Alumni Association
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