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NewsBriefs - September 2014






  Happy Labor Day and

4th Quarter of 2014

Fall Homecoming 

September 19, 2014


~Shortridge Alumni Association~


Homecoming Week & Fall T-Shirt Sale 
Friday, September 19 is HOMECOMING! The afternoon activities kick off with a Tailgate Party from 4:30-6:30p at the Shortridge football field followed by the football game (bring your own chair). Cost for the Tailgate and game is $5.

Shortridge alumni attending the game will be recognized as special guests; an alumnus, who donated funds to purchase PINK Shortridge football jerseys for Breast Cancer awareness, will be recognized. The pink jerseys will be worn by the team during all games in October.

BLEED BLUE, BABY Shortridge Magnet Spirit T-Shirts.  ORDER NOW!

Get your fall athletics school spirit t-shirts. Prices slightly increased after 9/17. These also can be worn for any fall athletic department events and/or the November Legacy basketball game, November 26. More info to follow.
 Click Here for available sizes and approximate cost. 


150th Anniversary Celebration &
 Brick Sale Campaign Ramps Up

fRIDAY, jUNE 5, 2015
SAA all-classes reunion - SENIOR PROM
 Watch future issues of NewsBriefs for dates and details for all upcoming events
, but especially for the ALL CLASSES SENIOR PROM!
 The Shortridge Alumni Association (SAA) officially began a "Limited Brick Sale" where alumni can purchase a brick, which will be inscribed that surrounds the fountain in center of the courtyard. Proceeds from the brick sale will support the SAA Legacy Scholarship Fund and is fully tax deductibleUp to five lines of text no longer than 14 characters per line may be inscribed on a single brick.

Cost: $150 for an individual/couple -- if husband and wife are alumni, one brick may be purchased for both names and class year(s); honor a deceased family member or teacher.

Class Reunion project. Purchase a class brick for $1,500 that may include up to 15 class members' names--five lines listed per brick. Additional bricks may be purchased for a class brick if more than 15 classmates wish to participate.
 See the attached form for more information. The brick sale is off to a great start. (See listing below of who's already purchased a brick.) Click the "Brick Sale" form attached. SAVE the form to your computer, click in the shaded areas and type your information or SAVE, PRINT and complete the blank form to send with your check, payable to Shortridge Alumni Association; email the electronic form that includes your payment information to: Share the form or our contact information with classmates and friends. Or log onto our website and purchase your brick online via PayPal at the Dues/Donation tab. You still must complete and submit the Brick form with your inscription instructions.
  Initially, 300 bricks around the courtyard fountain will become the first area inscribed with the commemorative bricks (Other areas may be designated, as the need arises.) Help our Alumni Association increase it's scholarship endowment: join the 300 Brick Club for this special recognition area that will last for generations to come! All Shortridge alumni and supporters are encouraged to "leave your name" as a part of our history and legacy.


William A. Baxley ('51)*
Robert Bowen ('57)
In memory of Hortense Bullock ('25) 
In memory of: Vincent Ray Earl ('36) 
In memory of: Sandra Lee Edwards ('64)
Bette (Alexander) Erxleben ('58)  
Susannah Hardesty ('64) 
David Hedges ('57) In Memory of Fritz Hedges ('61)
In memory of Kenneth E. Hill ('33)*
Michael "Skip" Horner ('64) 
Vicki (Sharp) Koenig ('64) 
Ed Maurey ('64)
Kathryn E. (Hill) Meredith ('42)*    
Joyce (Edwards) Moore ('68)  
Justin Moore, Urban Patch  
Rufus "Bud" Myers ('60)
Carol Orbison ('58) 
Yvonne Perkins ('67) 
Tom Schoellkopf ('59)    
Max Schumacher ('50) 
Denny & Mary Lou (Ooley) Shogren ('55 and '57) 
Carole (Earl) Stiglin ('64) 
In memory of: Dorothy (Forman) Unger ('28)
Joe VanDevender ('63)  
Katherine "Kathy" McConahay Willing ('59)  


 * Most recent donors

Hall of Fame & Judicial Wall of Fame Recognition 


  Nominations are now open until December 1 for candidates for the 2015 Hall of Fame and Judicial Wall of Fame. All justices' portraits are displayed in the William E. McAnulty, Jr. Center for Law & Public Policy (aka - the  courtroom.); Hall of Fame honorees' photos are displayed along the main hallway adjacent to Alumni Room #181. The Hall of Fame nomination form is available on the website,  by email: 

Criteria for consideration:

Shortridge Hall of Fame - Nominators must provide the professional biography of the nominee. All applications will be reviewed in early 2015 and the chosen candidates will be notified by mail. Applications remain on file for 3 years.

Judicial Wall of Fame honorees' requirements are that the individual must have been appointed or elected as a justice (active, retired, or posthumous). A brief bio of the individual's judicial appointments also must be provided. There is a fee required to complete the 14x20 portrait that will be hung in the William E. McAnulty Center for Law and Public Policy (courtroom). For more information, send email to: 
Shortridge Legacy Scholarship Fund & Special Interest Projects 
  A General Members listing of the Shortridge Legacy Scholarship Fund donors continues and donors' names will be listed in this e-newsletter. Kindly consider any level of donations to add to the scholarship fund.Donors of $500 or more will continue to receive five years' membership in the alumni association. Consider these options:


  Your donation to the scholarship fund or other projects may qualify as a tax-deductible contribution. Consult with your tax advisor. Make checks  for the scholarship fund payable to: Shortridge Legacy Scholarship Fund mail c/o 5030 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254 or make your donation online on the website via PayPal or major credit card  


  Donations for other projects; e.g. support of the Athletic Department, Music Department or other special-interest project, checks  should be made payable to the Shortridge Alumni Association with annotation on the Notes section to which project you wish to support. Likewise, special-interest donations may be made online via our website, as shown above and found at the Dues & Donations tab. NOTE: MINIMUM FOR ONLINE RECURRING PAYMENTS IS $10 OR GREATER PER MONTH.


Shortridge Legacy Scholarship Fund - General Members 

 THANK YOU FOR DONATIONS RECEIVED RECENTLY DURING OUR MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL AND FUND DRIVE. There's plenty of time to respond to the mailing (the little blue card)--pay or initiate member dues and have your name listed with other donors..

  Make your donation via check, PayPal, or major credit card on our website: at the Donations tab or send in your card at any time.. 
 Classes wishing to provide their own support are encouraged to contact the SAA or the Director of Guidance, Mrs. Trenna Sultzer, at Shortridge.
Platinum Level
(Donations $501 or greater)
William & Lynn (Bolles) Boatman - 1958
Hubert & Geraldine (Richardson) Hopson
Classes of 1965 & 1966
Choice Edwards - 1958
Dr. Edward Roche - 1957
Denny & Mary Lou (Ooley) Shogren - 1955 & 1957
Gold Level
(Donations $250 to $500)
Susan E. (Crawford) Avon - 1971
James C. Clark - 1947
Timothy T. McDowell, II - 1971
Robert Spoerri - 1966
Carol L. (Earl) Stiglin - 1964
Silver Level
(Donations $150 to $249)
  Robert E. Hallam - 1942
L. Gene Tanner - 1951
Bronze Level
(Donations $100 to $149)
Lynn (Bolles) Boatman - 1958
William Boatmen - 1958
Arija (Steinmanis) Brikmanis - 1960
Joseph H. & Barbara (Trick) Clark - 1942
Paula (Distelhorst) Eidel - 1958
Jeffrey McGuire, MD - 1969
Richard M. Midkiff - 1963
Rufus "Bud" Myers - 1960
Gregory K. Silver - 1964
Linda (Wslker) Johnson - 1954
In Memory of Kent S. Arvin - 1953
General Support
(Donations $5 to $99)
Barbara (Bee) Allerdice - 1954
James K.Allerdice - 1944
Jane (Butler) Bowman - 1942
Robert G. Butler - 1959
Hattie Byland - 1965
James & Roberta Copeland - 1957
Ann (Carper) Dugan - 1957
Barbara (Baker) Engle - 1958
Robert M. Fletcher - 1958
Diane (Lockman) Goldberg -1960
Dave Graf - 1957 
Mars J. Gralia, II - 1960
John R. Hull - 1964
Aleta S. Hodge - 1972
Luba Kazacoff - 1947
Patricia A. (Fowler) Keener - 1960
In Memory of Donald J. King - 1940
Tony Littrell - 1969
Astrid (Stoppe) Lowery - 1960 
Robert W. MacAleese - 1961
Kathryn E. (Hill) Meredith - 1942
Gail (Raymond) Purdy Miller - 1957
Dr. Woodrow A. Myers, Jr. - 1970
Garland J. Pannell - 1972
Ann (Cantwell) Penrose - 1941
Pamela Percival - 1967
Harry Rubins - 1957
Harold A. Smith - 1960
Robert Stokes - 1965
Marsha (Emerson) Thomas -- 1961
Lynn (Hansen) Wakefield - 1970
Judith Waugh - 1957*
John David Wild - 1965 
Mary Jane "Janie" (Foerst) Witz - 1943
*Most recent donation  




(We'd like to add YOU to our list of Supporters) 



(Donations over $1,000)

Thomas E. Reilly - 1957

Fletcher H. Wiley - 1960 - to honor Coach George Gale

Class of 1951 - to honor Mr. Jerry Steiner



(Donations between $501-$1,000)

John D. Peterson - 1951

Samuel G. Pride, 1966

Thomas E. Reilly - 1957



 (Donations between $101-$500)

William & Lynn (Bolles) Boatman - 1958

Barbara (Keenan) Brock - 1959

Robert G. Butler - 1958

John B. Charleston - 1960 - in memory of Coaches

George Gale & Thomas Harding

Anita L. DeFrantz - 1970

Pete & Alice Dye - 1944 

Robert MacAleese

Ann T. Hunckler - 1962, in memory of

Timothy McDowell - 1971

John Leslie McIntire - 1962

George Pillow - 1967

Kenneth D. Rogers, 1974

Denny & Mary Lou (Ooley) Shogren - 1955 & 1957 *

Jean (McAnulty) Smith - 1961

Edgar H. "Ted" Steeg - 1948

Jerry Steiner - teacher



(Donations up to $100)

Delcina "Ann" Kern Cassella - 1945

Ethel Cline

Don Essig - 1955

Richard G. Lugar - 1950

Sharon (Crockett) Mutter - 1960


*Most recent donation



NOTE: As with all gifts sent to the school or through the alumni association, kindly let us know if we have permission to list you by name and class year as a donor or if you wish to remain anonymous.



 SAA Board of Directors 

Executive Board
Alfred "Al" Edyvean - '68 - President
Jarnell Burks-Craig - '63 - VP, Public Relations
Keith Rand - '70 - VP, Marketing & Development/Fundraising
Deloris "Dee" (Richardson) Duff ' ;59 - Treasurer
Joyce (Edwards) Moore - '68 - Recording Secretary
Open - Corresponding/Financial Secretary
Members-at-Large (decade representatives)
Martha (Cantwell) Meeker - '39 (Decade of the 30s)
Kathryn "Katy" (Hill) Meredith - '42 (Decade of the 40s)
Lynn (Bolles) Boatman - '58 (Decade of the 50s)
Marcia Warrington - '58 (Decade of the 50s)
Marilyn (Chance) Shank - '67 - (Decade of the 60s)
Richard "Rich" Edyvean - '68 (Decade of the 60s)
Thomas J. Griffin, II - ;72 (Decade of the 70s)
Carolyn (Waters) Payton - '72 (Decade of the '70s)
Joseph Matthews - '81 (Decade of the '80s)
Board appointments:
Consultant/SHSAW Founder - Guy E. Russell - '59
Parliamentarian - Grant Hawkins - '67
SMHS Administrators
Stanley Law, principal:
Debra Ward , vice principal 



Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Dee Duff

Deloris "Dee" (Richardson) Duff
Treasurer & Editor, NewsBriefs
President Emeritus
Shortridge Alumni Association
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Is your class planning a reunion in 2015 or beyond? Let us help publicize your event. Continue to read NewsBriefs for information regarding upcoming class reunions.:


REMINDER: Reunion organizers, you and your classmates are encouraged to become active members of our alumni association. We have hundreds of Shortridge alumni gathering every year for milestone reunion celebrations. Please inform others that our alumni association is alive and well...we need everyone's support. And if your class budgets yield a surplus, kindly consider a donation to the Legacy Scholarship Fund or other special project that will benefit the students at Shortridge.
Also, please note that if during your reunion you plan to visit the school, a written request must be submitted through the school office that must be approved by the IPS Maintenance Department IF the school is to be opened on weekends--Saturday or Sunday. (Arrangements must be made in advance if your group wish to host your gathering in the courtyard.) A fee is levied to the using group based upon how long the group will visit the building. Other restrictions may apply; therefore, schedule your reunion and complete the necessary paperwork as early as possible to confirm your date and time. 
Thank you!
2014 IPS Hall of Fame Luncheon

The IPS Hall of Fame Luncheon committee will honor five new inductees with event proceeds benefiting IPS Education Foundation programs. Established in 2006, the IPS Hall of Fame has recognized the professional lives of many of its graduates. Shortridge alumni have been inducted into the IPS Hall of Fame more than any other local high school. Since 2006, nearly 20 Shortridge graduates have been honored; 2014 will add two more of the five candidates. The 2014 IPS Hall of Fame inductees are:

* Alice (O'Neal) Dye - Shortridge H.S., Class of 1944
* Phyllis Imel - Washington H.S. - Class of 1953
* Monique Hunt McWilliams - John Marshall H.S. - Class of 1982
* Ralph Taylor - George Washington H.S. - Class of 1965
Dan Wakefield - Shortridge H.S. - Class of 1950
The IPS Education Foundation and the honorees will celebrate with a luncheon at 11:00a on September 30 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. Tickets are available for purchase now at
As is the practice of the Shortridge Hall of Fame (HoF), any Shortridge alumni inducted into the IPS HoF automatically will be included at the school. Therefore, in 2015, Mrs. Alice Dye, golf course designer (and wife of Pete Dye also a renowned golf course designer worldwide), will join our HoF honorees along alumni row. Dan Wakefield was inducted independently into the Shortridge HoF in 2013. The complete listing of IPS & Shortridge Hall of Fame inductees is available on our website, The comprehensive listing for all IPS schools' inductees is available at 
Nominations for additional Shortridge HoF nominees will be accepted from now until December 1. Visit our website for the nomination form: or send email for the form to